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Railroaded 3: white violence and intimidation imposed race quotas against more qualified blacks

The flaws of the current affirmative action era- such as the mismatches between SOME students and the elite colleges they enter via said quotas are well known, and are not defended herein. Nor is the below any critique of candid people who freely admit (rather than deny or airbrush away) the injustices of the past. In some quarters however, a narrative of  racial innocence based on pious adherence to "merit" airbrushes away a lot of history, a history that shows many whites were little concerned about "merit." In the narrative of white racial innocence spun by some right wing or libertarian types, an assortment of web screeds condemn "massive" affirmative action quotas supposedly "taking jobs away" from whites.

Not only is this narrative bogus, but conveniently ignores one key part of the real history of affirmative action- how whites used violence, deception and intimidation to force MORE qualified blacks out of their jobs, so lesser qualified whites could take them over. Such instances were rife on US railroads and well documented not only by current authors but in the archives of the old FEPC (Fair Employment Practices Commission). Below is a letter from Harry S. Truman to a correspondent mentioning this murderous history- a history that conveniently does not make the false narrative of massively "lost" white jobs due to "black quotas."

Alleged "calamity" affecting white males "swamped" by
black AA quotas is bogus, according to detailed US Dept of
Labor survey of reverse discrimination cases. Most cases
brought by white complainers lacked merit, courts ruled.


"Reverse-discrimination claims fell into two categories:
individual decisions in which a white man asserted that he
would have been hired for a job had he been black or female,
and cases that claimed programs or plans unfairly favored
women and minorities."

“Many of the cases were the result of a disappointed applicant
failing to examine his or her own qualifications,” Mr.
Blumrosen wrote, “and erroneously assuming that when a
woman or minority got the job, it was because of race or sex,
not qualifications.

Affirmative action has caused very few claims of reverse
discrimination by white people, according to a draft of a report
prepared by the Labor Department. The author says his findings
poke holes in the theory that affirmative-action programs
unfairly benefit minorities at the expense of white workers.

The report, prepared by a law professor at Rutgers University,
Alfred W. Blumrosen, found fewer than 100
reverse-discrimination cases among more than 3,000
discrimination opinions by Federal district and appeals courts
from 1990 to 1994.

A "high proportion" of the reverse-discrimination claims lacked
merit, the review found. Reverse discrimination was
established in six cases, and the courts provided appropriate
relief in those cases, it said.

"This research suggests that the problem of 'reverse
discrimination' is not widespread; and that where it exists, the
courts have given relief," Mr. Blumrosen wrote. "Nothing in
these cases would justify dismantling the existing structure of
equal employment opportunity programs."

(Blumrosen, A. (1996: pp 5-6) US Department of Labor: Discrimination Complaints Review (1990-1994))


Other detailed studies BY SCHOLARS show very little
reverse discrimination against whites in employment, exposing
the bogus propaganda spun by racist "biodiversity" proponents.
Most discrimination complaints brought by white men actually
involve sex, not race discrimination, and the main opponent of
the white men in said complaints was WHITE women.
"Reverse discrimination is rate both in absolute terms and
relative to conventional discrimination. The most direct
evidence for this conclusion comes from employment-audit
studies. On every measured outcome, African-American men
were much more likely than white men to experience
discrimination, and Latinos were more likely than
non-Hispanic men to experience discrimination (Heckman and
Siegelman 1993, p. 218) Statistics on the numbers and
outcomes of complaints of employment discrimination also
suggest that reverse discrimination is rare. According to national
surveys, relatively few whites have experienced reverse
discrimination. Only 5 to 12 percent of whites believe that their
race has cost them a job or promotion, compared to 36 percent
of African Americans... Alfred Blumrosen's (1996, pp. 5-6)
exhaustive review of discrimination complaints filed with the
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission offers additional
evidence that reverse discrimination is rare...
[of cases] two percent were by white men
charging sex, race or national origin discrimination
(three-quarters of these charged sex discrimination) and 1.8
percent were by white women charging race discrimination
(Blumrosen p. 5)"

--Tracy E. Ore - 2005. The social construction of difference and
inequality p. 390


Other detailed studies show trivial to almost no "reverse
discrimination" against whites in employment. These studies
note that reverse discrimination has occurred, but its prevalence
is rare.

"Barbara Reskin 1998) also acknowledges that some white
men are hurt. In the four-page section n reverse discrimination,
she discusses studies showing that few EEOC cases involving
charges of discrimination filed by white men (Blumrosen 1995,
1996) and the few federal appeals court cases involving
discrimination where white men are the plaintiffs (Burstein,
1991; She concludes, "Although rare, reverse discrimination
does occur."

--Fred Pincus 2010. Reverse discrimination: dismantling the myth 

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