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Irony: High IQs produce more atheists, liberals, gays and violent political extremists

Across the web, worshipers or touters of high IQ- assorted "HBD" and/or "hereditarian" types -lament the seeming dominance of liberals, the decline of traditional values, and an America that is "coming apart." What they don't seem to realize is that they are hoist on their own petard. The patterns they lament are well associated with the high IQ they worship. How so you ask? Like so, pilgrim..

Liberalism linked with higher IQs. If higher cognitive patterns are the mark of the future, then some data shows that the trending is for more liberalism, lack of religious faith and more homosexuality. This is linked with higher IQ folk supposedly having a penchant for the novel and unexpected. Such novelty is what "selects" for higher IQ per much  hereditarian/HBD dogma. Some HBD data seems to support these patterns among higher IQ folk.

For example, liberal “non-judgmentalism” is quite on track- for those identified as liberal seem to have higher IQs than non-liberals. According to hereditarianism and “racial reality” favorite Satoshi Kanazawa (2010), intelligent people tend to have values novel in human evolutionary history, as compared to somewhat squarer, conservative types who tend to have lower IQs. Kanazawa 2010 (Why Liberals and atheists are more intelligent) reports that that the mean adolescent intelligence of young adults who identify themselves as "very liberal" is 106.4, while that of those who identify themselves as "very conservative" is 94.8.[103] This 12 point gap is almost as big as the B/W gap and bigger than the Asian-white gap. Two other studies conducted in the UK reached similar conclusions (Deary et al 2008).

Why then do so many hereditarian IQ proponents lament liberalism? Isn't higher IQ delivering its expected liberal outcome among whites and Asians, according to their own data? See:

(Satoshi Kanazawa (2010) Evolutionary Psychology and Intelligence Research. American Psychologist. Vol. 65, No. 4, 279–289)

Kanazawa S (2010). "Why Liberals and Atheists Are More Intelligent" (PDF). Social Psychology
Quarterly 73 (1): 33–57.

Deary I. J., Batty G. D., Gale C. R. (2008). "Bright Children Become Enlightened Adults". Psychological Science 19: 1–6.

Deary I. J., Batty G. D., Gale C. R. "Childhood Intelligence Predicts Voter Turnout, Voting Preferences, and Political Involvement in Adulthood: The 1970 British Cohort Study". Intelligence 36: 548–55.

Homosexuality linked with higher IQs. The “evolutionary” preference for the novel and unexpected tracks well not only with with more liberal, non-traditional types, but mayhaps even “fabulous” types. Interestingly enough- some data show that gays on the average have higher IQs that straights- perhaps a reflection of that supposed taste for the “novel.” (See for example: John P. De Cecco, Michael G. Shively (1984) Bisexual and homosexual identities: critical theoretical issues.)

Some studies (Rogers and Turner 1991) report higher rates of homosexual activity among whites than blacks. Remafedi, Resnic Blum and Harris (1992) also find same sex attraction some 3 times higher in Whites than Blacks. Yet another study confirms white trending in homosexuality. A National AIDS Behavioral Survey study (NABS), reported by Binson et al (1995) shows that 9.1% of white men, 3.1% of Black men, 2.7 percent of Hispanic men, and 2.3 percent of Asian/other had had same-sex action. In essence whites were 3 times more likely than blacks to be engaging in homosexual acts. Indeed, the NABS study oversampled Black and Hispanic men but still showed higher rates of white activity. In another study based on vascular risk factors Krieger and Sidney (1997) reported white women and men were more likely to have had homosexual or bisexual contact than either black men or black women. In essence whites were twice as likely to be engaged in homosexual behavior than blacks. Reflecting attitudinal patterns, Ernst et al (1991) found that blacks were more likely than whites to endorse negative statements about homosexuality. In the military, one research study found that white women are three times more likely to be discharged for homosexuality than African American women and white men are two times more likely to be discharged for homosexuality than African American men (Belkin and Bateman 2003)
(REFS: Remafedi, Resnic Blum and Harris (1992) Demography of sexual orientation in adolescents. Pediatrics. 1992 Apr;89(4 Pt 2):714-21; Remafedi, Resnic Blum and Harris (1992) Demography of sexual orientation in adolescents. Pediatrics. 1992 Apr;89(4 Pt 2):714-21; Krieger and Sidney (1997) Prevalence and health implications of anti-gay discrimination. Int J Health Serv. 1997;27(1):157-76; Rust 2000, Bisexuality in the United States; Krieger and Sidney (1997) Prevalence and health implications of anti-gay discrimination. Int J Health Serv. 1997;27(1):157-76. Belkin and Bateman 2003. Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Debating the Gay Ban in the Military)

HBD heriditarian author Kanazawa also finds homosexuals to have higher IQ. Per Kanazawa- Quote:

"The Savanna-IQ Interaction Hypothesis, derived from the Savanna Principle and a theory of the evolution of general intelligence, suggests that more intelligent individuals are more likely to acquire and espouse evolutionarily novel preferences and values than less intelligent individuals, but general intelligence has no effect on the acquisition and espousal of evolutionarily familiar preferences and values. Ethnographies of traditional societies suggest that exclusively homosexual behaviour was probably rare in the ancestral environment, so the Hypothesis would predict that more intelligent individuals are more likely to identify themselves as homosexual and engage in homosexual behaviour. Analyses of three large, nationally representative samples (two of which are prospectively longitudinal) from two different nations confirm the prediction."
-- --Kanazawa, Satoshi. 2012. INTELLIGENCE AND HOMOSEXUALITY. Journal of Biosocial Science, 2012, Vol.44(5), pp.595-623

What about the Irish who historically have had lower IQs vis a vis the English - and also a staunchly Catholic country, traditionally? Shouldn't they show less favor towards homosexuality or homosexual rights? Not necessarily. The Irish (2015) recently became the first nation to approve same sex marriage by popular vote. This was no mere matter of higher appearance by "liberals."  Electoral officers reported stronger-than-usual turnout at many stations in schools, church halls and pubs across the nation of 3.2 million registered voters. The margin of victory was solid. It should be noted that Irish IQ has been rising in recent decades and now it is within the range of the EU average. Historically, low average Irish IQ has been noted by well known IQ researcher Hans Eysenck, in his 1971 book “Race, Intelligence, & Education.” Eysenck held that the Irish IQ was very close to that of American blacks, and that the Irish/English IQ gap was almost exactly the same size as the black/white gap in the U.S., being roughly a full standard deviation. Hereditarian author Richard Lynn also found low Irish IQ in his 1972 study of Irish school children- see IQ and the Wealth of Nations, published in 2001 by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen.

Recent analyses by author Ron Unz however now show Irish IQs approaching that of the British- 95% of the 100 "norm" in 2000 and 92% in 2012 (Unz 2012). Support for same sex marriage is not the same as increased homosexuality. But attitudes and practices have been rapidly changing in Ireland, as the country became more integrated with the EU and IQs began to rise. In 1993 numerous measures (seldom enforced) criminalizing homosexuality were taken off the books. As early as 2008 a survey by the Irish times showed that fully 63 percent of Irish people supported same-sex marriage. Civil partnerships have been the law since 2010, made so by legislative action. In the 1980s there were even   liturgical celebrations specifically for those of the homosexual community, and the Irish Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN) became an inspiration for gay rights movements internationally. (Occasions of Sin: Sex and Society in Modern Ireland, By Diarmaid Ferriter 2010). The 2015 popular vote was thus a continuation of trends gathering speed years earlier as the Irish became more educated. Homosexuality has expanded likewise for a long time, from the vibrant gay scene in major cities like Dublin and Cork, to fulsome acceptance in other major urban areas, though a residue of opposition still remains, particularly in rural areas. Hence one again sees the patterns spoken of here emerge as IQs rise.

This HBD data above does not cover all the studies, and of course does not apply to every single white person in the US, but it does raise a question. If higher IQ whites are trending more homosexual, could this gay trend therefore represent a higher step up of white evolution? These are indeed the questions HBDers say they are asking- brave questions "which few dare ask" they say, and so on. OK, let's use their "IQ Supreme" model for a moment. Given the higher IQ trends, do more homosexuals represent an advance in white evolution? Could this not be another argument for gay marriage- the need to encourage such a high IQ sub-population rather than discourage them? Aren't more white homosexuals a natural and expected outcome of the "IQ Supreme" model? And shouldn't this evolutionary trend be celebrated rather than lamented?

Less religious faith/more atheism linked with higher IQs. In addition, the higher IQ people also tend to be more atheist, or more skeptical, or weaker in religious faith. Zuckerman 2013's meta-analysis found 'a reliable negative relation between intelligence and religiosity' in 53 out of 63 studies. What this boils down to, on the average, is that smarter people tend to be less religious, and this includes atheists. (Zukerman et al, 2013. The Relation Between Intelligence and Religiosity: A Meta-Analysis and Some Proposed Explanations', 'Personality and Social Psychology Review'). The authors claim that even during early years, the more intelligent a child is the more likely it would be to turn away from religion. A 2009 study of white American youth came to the same overall conclusion - atheists scored an average of 1.95 IQ points higher than agnostics, 3.82 points higher than liberal persuasions, and 5.89 IQ points higher than dogmatic persuasions (Nyborg(2009). "The intelligence–religiosity nexus: A representative study of white adolescent Americans". Intelligence 37: 81–93.)

In short, people at the higher end of the Bell Curve would tend to reject or despise faith more, or be less serious/more eclectic. They are the celebrated folk with high IQs, and, (not surprisingly) they also tend to be more liberal or left-leaning, or more extreme overall, and let us not forget the collectivist orienation in "National Socialism" - the Nazis.

Paragons of racial evolution?

More intense political extremism and violence- linked with higher IQ volk. Consider the highly efficient murder methods of those high IQ Germans for example that gave us the holocaust. On the flip side is the left wing version- Marxism, which gave us the mass murder of Comrade Stalin's Holodomor. Higher IQ people do things more efficiently as seen below:

"He called the method of mass killing he invented Sardinenpackung. As Meier describes, it involved forcing victims to lie together face down and side and side and killing them with Genickschussen, then forcing the next group of victims who preceded them to form another layer, ignoring the victims; terror and horror in the interest of efficiently filling up the killing pit. Jeckeln's despicably cruel execution protocols destroys SS claims, during and after the war that its executions were 'correct' military-style executions of partisans. Himmler's goal was mass murder.. By the end of August 1941, commanding the Kommandostab SS First Brigade in the western Ukraine, Jeckeln had personally supervised the murder of more than 44,000 human beings, the largest total of Jews murdered by any of Himmler's virulent legions that month." 
-- Richard Rhodes. Masters of Death: The SS-Einsatzgruppen .. 2002 

"I went out to the woods alone. The Wehrmacht had already dug a grave. The children were brought along in a tractor-drawn wagon. I had nothing to do with this technical procedure. The Ukrainians were standing round trembling. The children were taken down from the tractor. They were lined up along the top of the grave and shot so that they fell into it. The Ukrainians did not aim at any particular part of the body. They fell into the grave. The wailing was indescribable. I shall never forget the scene throughout my life. I find it very hard to bear. I particularly remember a small fair-haired girl who took me by the hand. She too was shot later.. The grave was near some woods. IT was not near the firing range. The execution must have taken place in the afternoon at about three-thirty or four.. Many children were hit four or five times before they died." 

-- Richard Rhodes. Masters of Death: The SS-Einsatzgruppen .. 2002 p. 135

A number of "HBD" apologists have attempted to downplay or minimize the murder of Jews by converting them to a "daily death rate" going back to 1933, when Hitler began to consolidate power. By extending the time frame back several years, then dividing the days into total murdered Jews, less Jewish victims can be counted in a "daily average." Presto! Less murdered Jeewz in 2 seconds.. But this is ludicrous sleight of hand. For one thing the mass killings known as the Holocaust did not begin in 1933. As credible historians show, they began in December 1941, giving the Nazis 3.5 years of good killing work or approximately 1300 days. Looking at an actual scholarly book, rather than doctored Wikipedia "stealth" references- one credible study notes:

"In autumn 1941, the first German Jews to be deported at the spearhead of the combing out process of European Jewery was dispatched to the Warthegau. The possibility of liquidating ghettoised Jews had by then been explicitly raised for the forst time, in the summer of 1941, significantly by Nazi leaders in Warthegau. The first mobile gassing units to be deployed against Jews operated in the Warthegau in the closing month is if 1941. And the systematic murder of the Jews began in early December 1941 in the first extermination- actually a 'gas van station' - established at Chelmno on the Ner..."
FROM: Ian Kershaw. 2008. Hitler, the Germans, and the Final Solution. p 60:

And it's not only 6 million Jews but another 5 million Poles, Slavs, prisoners of war and other sub-humans who were systematically murdered. 11 million murdered souls over 3.5 years or 1300 days gives an impressive rough average of 8,461 bodies per day.

Then there is the systematic Holodomor- the brutal collectivization and liquidations engineered by Stalin, which impacted wide swathes of Russia. Credible estimates put the toll over the Soviet Union at 10 million during just one year -1932/33 (Wädekin et al. 1982. Agrarian Policies in Communist Europe. pg 16) and this does not count other millions from mass deportations and executions) --working out to approximately 27,397 per day murdered in just that year.

Whether Holocaust, or Holodomor, or the brutal statistics far exceed anything in human history in terms of sheer demonic viciousness and cruelty- and its all courtesy of those -oh so much better than the rest of us- high IQ folk.

Higher IQ jihadists etc. Moving to recent decades, Krueger 2008 shows in fine detail (with hard data from think tanks, government reports, economic surveys, academic studies, etc) that violent political extremists like terrorists are not the ignorant roughnecks of popular yore, but on the average, people with IQ indicators above the norm- typically, highly educated, professionally employed, from a middle- or higher-class background. Indeed Krueger's data shows that if there is a link between poverty, education and terrorism, it is the opposite of the one popularly assumed. (Alan Krueger (2008) What Makes a Terrorist: Economics and the Roots of Terrorism.)

To be sure, people with such characteristics, which are on the average are strong to moderately stronger indicators of a higher level of IQ , cannot be everywhere to carry out their violent extremist projects. They must mobilize and motivate servitors, flunkies and hatchet men to do some of the dirty work. But the data indicates that much of the leadership and drive behind this dirty work, is located in higher IQ segments of populations.

Even  killer Chairman Mao, the archetypal "agrarian reformer" (and mass murderer contributing to some 40-70 million deaths) was not the average rural peasant bumpkin. To the contrary. Mao was the son of a wealthy farmer in Hunan, and was educated and literate, even enrolling in a teacher's school (seen as one of the best in the province) after his secondary education was completed. Mao also attended university, a very untypical pattern well above the bulk of the rural Chinese masses. In local terms Mao was an educated intellectual, and viewed himself as such.

Marx/Lenin: high IQ heroes of mass murdering communism. Lenin likewise was born to a wealthy middle-class family in Simbirsk, with well educated parents, (his mother a Jewish intellectual), earning a law degree. Engels was the son of a wealthy German cotton manufacturer and his extensive writing skills after secondary school suggest high literacy and relative IQ above average. Marx was also born into a wealthy middle-class family, studying at both the University of Bonn and the University of Berlin. Ancestrally he was of Ashkenazi Jewish background.

Herr Hitler- educated to a fair level. Hitler did not grow up in a poor family though they were of modest means- but even he too was educated to the secondary level, and could take up such things as painting. His verbal and organizing skills suggests one with above average IQ, as does the history of some of his prominent collaborators- Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler, Albert Speer. Goebbels for example earned a PhD from Heidelberg University, Himmler was from a middle class family and attended college, as did master of armaments Albert Speer. All of these were ahead in educational exposure relative to the times.

Mass murderer Josef Stalin- educated above average. Stalin was, unlike the average rural Russian type, both educated and literate, and even received a scholarship to attend and did attend the Georgian Orthodox Tiblis Spiritual Seminary in Tbilisi. While not as advanced educationally in local terms as Mao, Marx or his one-time boss Lenin, Stalin was above the average Russian peasant, and his efficient organizing skills as well as verbal facility indicates and IQ above average.

In short, the men who set the stage for, and drive forward the greatest mass murders, and some of the most suffering and brutality in human history, had IQ indicators above the average for their societies and their times. 

Thus the final irony. There are many who are all too happy to use IQ as a club to bash “lesser breeds” – but as it turns out, their own almighty IQ construct, Great Source Of All, is associated with a class of leading folk that in many ways undermine and displace traditional values. The "cognitive elite" so touted in many quarters tends to be:
 --More liberal/leftist and/or collectivist in orientation which would include Nazism
 --More atheist/skeptical of, or hostile to faith
 --More gay/cross-gender/willing to experiment sexually and/or blur gender lines

 --More historically extreme and violent politically (two sides of the same violent coin -Marxism and Fascism and their key leadership)

And as other posts show-the much touted higher IQ folk are not reproducing themselves on the average. (

And these characteristics in many ways produce fallout that bodes ill for the conservative America many HBDers and "hereditarians" say they want.  Why are people like Charles Murray (and various other "hereditarian" types) complaining when their "high G" favorites are those in the forefront of helping white America "come apart" (to borrow from the title of Murray's book)? Didn't he celebrate these people earlier? Those high IQ paragons?  They worship the IQ gods, and the IQ deities have served up exactly what will undermine them. Surely their gods must be laughing.


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albina said...

by various IQ testing clinics across a world show that on average a gay man's IQ is much lower than a straight man's. "Intelligence is negatively associated with sex frequency," says Rosemary Hopcroft, a sociologist at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
I didn't find any Gay scientist in and Exact science.
Actially people with higher education levels generally have lower numbers of sexual partners, but reshearch also says yhat gay people have much hidher number of sexual parther then strait people.

Science found a high concentration of teen virgins at the top of the intelligence scale.

People with high executive functioning—in judgment, decision-making, and impulse control—usually have what's called a slow life history strategy, notes Aurelio José Figueredo, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Arizona: They tend to have fewer partners and less sex but more resources to invest in potential offspring.

Research data said...

You offer no credible study backing your claim that "on average a gay man's IQ is much lower than a straight man's." All you say is that "various IQ testing clinics across the world show" such, and then quickly move on without naming a single clinic or giving any idea how credible these "various clinics" are. What exactly does "various clinics" or "IQ testing facility" mean? Jungle huts in Southeast Asia where Asian kids cram for the next school test? A fancy lab at Harvard where people are run through a battery of IQ and related tests? You don't say- you just simply make a claim about "various" and then move on.

And your use of Rosemary Hopcroft's research is dubious, for it does not address homosexuals, and does not at all contradict the finding of studies that intelligence has been linked to unconventional sexual practices and frequent sexual activity, thoughts and fantasies.(Kanazawa 2012, Thompson 2010). IN fact all Hopcroft shows is that SELF-REPORTED sexual activity seemed lower in those with more college degrees. It does not at all break out sexual preference among the college educated. And why on earth would male homosexuals go around admitting they have more sex on a survey given negative attitudes towards gays in may parts of society? If anything homosexuality activity would tend to be UNDER-REPORTED. In fact this is one of the related problems hindering the fight against AIDS in the gay community - a tendency by many gays to UNDER-REPORT sexual contacts or frequency (Haggery 2000, CDC 2010) Extensive educational campaigns have been mounted to reverse thispattern and get people treatment earlier.

Maron said...

This article seems fixated on people like Hitler, Stalin etc. Well, first of all, you don't know their IQ. Sure, they had above average education but so do I, and my IQ is at the upper end of mediocrity. Second, you haven't mentioned anything about the millions of people of average/low average intelligence who so eagerly embraced Hitler's extremist views - they made up a substantial part of the German population. I won't mention Stalin etc. because it's basically the same situation, different country. Anyway, to conclude, it seems to me that the studies on which this article is based are very much biased.

Research data said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Research data said...

You say the article seems "fixated" on people like Hitler etc. It is not- the "personalities" section is only about one-third of the piece. And while we do not have "official" IQ scores, we do know that for their time and place, many of said killers were well educated above their typical countrymen. Himmler held a Phd. Mao attended a higher secondary school and became teacher, and so on. Stalin was an educated man- and a former priest to boot before he adopted atheism. Education levels have long been used as a general proxy for IQ absent more direct measurements.

You also say "you haven't mentioned anything about the millions of people of average/low average intelligence who so eagerly embraced Hitler's extremist views - they made up a substantial part of the German population." But I acknowledged that the higher IQ types needed flunkies, servitors and hatchemen to do the dirty work on the lower end- quote:

"To be sure, people with such characteristics, which are on the average are strong to moderately stronger indicators of a higher level of IQ , cannot be everywhere to carry out their violent extremist projects. They must mobilize and motivate servitors, flunkies and hatchet men to do some of the dirty work."

And as for the "average/low" IQ volk in Germany, assorted HBD types tout them as still higher IQ paragons, compared to lesser "cullud" breeds. In fact, some of the same who had killed American troops in battle got better treatment in parts of America as POWs, than treatment meted out to Black Americans, who marveled at how said white Germans were catered to in restaurants and other facilities, the same facilities that excluded loyal American citizens that happened to be black. See book- Lou Potter 1992. Liberators: Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II on the anger of black troops.

And the data laid out is very clear with several references- from the background of the mass killers to the higher education and socio-economic standing of many leaders. See reference given(Alan Krueger (2008) What Makes a Terrorist: Economics and the Roots of Terrorism.) People at the opposite ends of the political spectrum come up with the same general conclusions in the article

Research data said...

Correction- thats Goebbels with the Phd not Himmler.

benz merc said...

Go and watch these modern libtards, and see what you feel about their iq.
Maybe in the classical sense of liberalism, but not in today's left libtard world.
As far as atheists, maybe, but maybe feel something else, that isn't explained by the bible, nor their thoughts, ideas and concepts fit into the atheist world...

Research data said...

But none of that changes the data that on the average, "the liberals" post higher IQs than conservatives. Same thing holds for atheists. And the data is CURRENT data not "classic libtards" from the 1800s. The classic liberals by the way, who pushed for freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and markets were also attached by the "conservatives" of the day, and the modern era. Right-wing US racists for example have often opposed freedom of speech, press, assembly, and markets when a black man shows up. Ironically, classic liberalism is oft invoked by some libertarians to oppose even minimal civil rights legislation for black people.