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DNA studies show African movement to Europe from very ancient times

A quick roundup of recent DNA studies here and there on ancient African movement into Europe..

 Ancient West African Neolithic in Europe

"Due to their geographic locations, Spain and Portugal seem to be ideal places for  searching for These lineages... The L3f variant found in Asturias seems to constitute an Iberian-specific haplogroup, distantly related to lineages in Northern Africa and with a deep ancestry in Western Africa. Coalescent algorithms estimate the minimum arrival time as 8,000 years ago, and a possible route through the Gibraltar Strait... Results are concordant with a previously proposed Neolithic connection between Southern Europe and Western Africa, which might be key to the proper understanding of the ancient links between these two continents." 
--Pardinas et al 2014. Over the sands and far away: Interpreting an Iberian mitochondrial
lineage with ancient Western African origins. Am Jr Hum Bio, v26, i6, 777-783

Long-standing ancient migration from Africa to Europe
"Mitochondrial DNA sequences and restriction fragment polymorphisms were retrieved from three Islamic 12th-13th century samples of 71 bones and teeth (with >85% efficiency) from Madinat Baguh (today called Priego de Cordoba, Spain). Compared with 108 saliva samples from the present population of the same area, the medieval samples show a higher proportion of sub-Saharan African lineages that can only partially be attributed to the historic Muslim occupation. In fact, the unique sharing of transition 16175, in L1b lineages, with Europeans, instead of Africans, suggests a more ancient arrival to Europe from Africa. The present day Priego sample is more similar to the current south Iberian population than to the medieval sample from the same area. The increased gene flow in modern times could be the main cause of this difference."
--Casas et al 2006. Human mitochondrial DNA diversity in an archaeological site in al-Andalus.. Am J Phy Anthro. 2006 131(4):539-51.

African migrations via Gibraltar

“ These early Neolithic populations of Andalusia appear to have consisted of a number of distinct groups (12), one of which is suggested to have African origin due to finds of characteristic red ochre ceramics (13, 14). Similarities have also been noted between the predynastic Badarian Egyptian culture dated to the 5th millennium B.C. and the Late Atlantic Neolithic culture in western Andalusia (14). Previously, the appearance of the Late Atlantic Neolithic culture had been placed at a significantly later date than the Egyptian culture, and this chronology and the cultural similarity were interpreted as implying that Egypt was the original source (14). However, more accurate radiocarbon dates obtained from Late Atlantic Neolithic culture sites subsequently redated the origin of this culture to being approximately the same as that of the predynastic Badarian Egyptian culture (15), leading to the hypothesis that these two cultures might derive from a common area, perhaps through pastoral groups living in the Sahara. The culture linked to the Late Atlantic Neolithic period is known to have been dedicated almost exclusively to cattle breeding, secondarily complemented by sheep and goat breeding (14), suggesting that an investigation of the origin of Iberian cattle may offer further insight into early Iberian–African cultural contacts. "

--C. Anderung, et al. 2005. Prehistoric contacts over the Straits of Gibraltar.. PNAS June 14, 2005 vol. 102 no. 24 8431-8435

[b]The skin color front: DNA studies show that light skin in Europe only occurred recently[/b]

"SLC24A5 was shown to play a pivotal role in skin pigmentation lightening in Europeans 10. Interestingly, the haplotype profile of SLC24A5 in CEU revealed a high affinity to aFM ( D aFM, MHG = 2) and a substantial distance to aHG ( D aHG, MHG = 28), as suggests that skin lightening associated with SLC24A5 originated from Near East, and likely was introduced into ancient Europeans via farming transition. This was strongly supported by a recent study based on 83 ancient DNA specimens 53."
--Zhou et al 2015 (A Chronological Atlas of Natural Selection in the Human Genome during the Past Half-million Years. BioRxiv (quoted in Cochran).

"We also found evidence of selection at two loci that affect skin pigmentation. The derived alleles 63 of rs1426654 at SLC24A5 and rs16891982 at SLC45A2 are, respectively, fixed and almost fixed in present -64 day Europeans 23,24. As previously reported 7,11,12, both derived alleles are absent or very rare in western 65 hunter -gatherers. suggesting that mainland European hunter -gatherers may have had dark skin 66 pigmentation. SLC45A2 first appears in our data at low frequency in the Early Neolithic, and increases 67 steadily in frequency until the present... In contrast, the derived allele of 69 SLC24A5 increases rapidly in frequency to around 0.9 in the Early Neolithic, suggesting that most of the 70 increase in frequency of this allele is due to its high frequency in the early farmers who migrated from the southeast at this time, although there is still strong evidence of ongoing selection after the arrival 72 of farming .."
--Mathieson et al 2015. Eight thousand years of natural selection in Europe. bioRxiv 2015.

The cranial/skeletal front - a recap:

1-- Detailed modern cranial studies show Cro-magnon crania clustering AWAY from today’s Europeans. Brace 2005 testedthe “Cro-magnid” claim and found it “folklore.” QUOTE: "When canonical variates are plotted, neither sample ties in with  Cro-Magnon as was once suggested. .. If this analysis shows nothing else, it demonstrates that the  oft-repeated European feeling that the
Cro-Magnons are “us” (46) is more a product of anthropological folklore than the  result of the metric data available from the skeletal remains..."   --CL. Brace 2005. The Questionable contribution of the Neolithic to European craniofacial form 

2–Africans possessing the highest phenotypical diversity on earth, producing variants covering most features. Several Cro-Magnon specimens are described as ‘negroid.’QUOTE: “ Both methods for estimating regional diversity show sub-Saharan Africato have the highest levels of phenotypic variation consistent with many genetic studies.“  [-- Relethford, John "Global Analysis of Regional
Differences in Craniometric Diversity .” Hum Bio v73, n5, -629-636]) Three scholars (Arthur Keith, M Boule and HV Valloid found ‘negroid’Cro-Magnon features: "The ancient Grimaldi woman and boy are of the mixed or negroid type." (Arthur Keith. Ancient Types of Man. p. 60) 

3- Several Upper Paleolithic European specimens show high cural indices in limb proportions- more akin to dark-skinned tropical Africans than today’s Europeans, who show lower cural indices. QUOTE: As with all the other limb/trunk indices, the recent Europeans evince lower indices, reflective of shorter tibiae, and the recent sub-Saharan Africans have higher indices, reflective of their long tibiae... The Dolno Vestonice and Pavlov humans.. have body proportions similar to those of other Gravettian specimens. Specifically, they are characterized by high bracial and cural indices, indicative of distal limb segment elongation.." 
--Trinkaus and Svoboda. 2005. Early Modern Human Evolution in Central Europe]   

– AND-

 -Body proportions of early European H. sapiens fossils suggest a tropical adaptation and support an African origin (Holliday & Trinkaus, 1991; Ruff, 1994; Pearson, 1997, 2000; Holliday, 1997, 1998, 2000).” –McBrearty and Brooks 2000. The Revolution that Wasn’t. Jrn Hu Evo 39, 453-563 

4-- Traits like narrow noses occur naturally in African environments: ".. low mean nasal indices (high, narrow noses) tend to [also] be found in arid regions, such as the desert areas of east Africa.. -- Mays. S. (2010). The Archaeology of Human Bones. Pg 100-101 

5-- Several Upper Paleolithic European types- Predmost (Czech), Combo Capelle (France) Grimaldi (Italy) and Teviec (France) show a variant of “African” affinities like prognathism. Some scholars hold this to be an ‘Eastern Cro-Magnon’ variant: QUOTE: 
------  "others like Predomost and to a lesser degree Grimaldi and Teviec, are more prognathic like Skhul 5." --Marta Mirazón Lahr. 2005. The Evolution of Modern Human Diversity: A Study of Cranial Variation 
 ".. on whose basis, many specialists define the eastern Cro-Magnon variant in the Upper Paleolithic population of western Europe." S. De Laet (1994). History of Humanity, UNESCO 

6– DNA provides clear evidence of tropical African types migrating to Paleolithic era Europe, contradicting claims of “Caucasoid” evolution in situ. Tropical limb evidence confirms DNA. The African tropical types may have interbred with local Neanderthals, but in any event would have adapted to the colder conditions of Europe over time. QUOTE: 
"Early modern Europeans reflect both their predominant African early modern human ancestry and a substantial degree of admixture between those early modern humans and the indigenous Neandertals. Given the tens of millennia since then and the limitations inherent in ancient DNA, this process is largely invisible in the molecular record. It is readily apparent in the paleontological record.“ --E. Trinkhaus (2004) European early modern humans and the fate of the Neandertals. PNAS  2007 vol. 104 no. 18 7367-7372 

"The so-called Old Man [Cro-Magnon 1] became the original model for what was once termed the Cro-Magnon or Upper Paleolithic "race" of Europe.. there's no such valid biological category, and Cro-Magnon 1 is not typical of Upper Paleolithic western Europeans- and not even all that similar to the other two make skulls found at the site. Most of the genetic evidence, as well as the newest fossil evidence from Africa argue against continuous local evolution producing modern groups directly from any Eurasian pre-modern population.. there's no longer much debate that a large genetic contribution from migrating early modern Africans infuenced other groups throughout the Old World.“ --B. Lewis et al. 2008. Understanding Humans: Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Archaeology. p 297

So-called “Basal Eurasian” DNA label is based on heavily admixed African types. A 2014 study uses ancient European “Muhlhausen” sample to help define “basal Eurasian”, but this SAME sample groups with Africans per a 2006 crainofacial study. The 2014 study admits that “Basal Eurasian” is closely linked with migration of Africans into areas like the Near east.

Stuttgart Mulhausen sample clusters with African types in craniofacial analyses- - Brace 2006

"These non metric attributes all support the view that most of the Neolithic inhabitants of Europe tie more closely together with each other than with the living representatives of the areas in question. The principal exception to this generalization is [...] the Muhlhausen sample, which ties closer metrically to the living inhabitants of the Middle East and North Africa.“
FROM: Brace, et al. The questionable contribution of the Neolithic and the Bronze Age to European craniofacial form, PNAS 2006. January 3; 103(1): p. 242-247.

“Basal Eurasian” closer to Africans (Mbuti), African OOA transitional group, (“non-African”) then Early European Farmers (EEF), making up modern European DNA profile in part.

“We sequenced genomes from a ~7,000 year old early farmer from Stuttgart in Germany, an ~8,000 year old hunter-gatherer from Luxembourg, and seven ~8,000 year old hunter gatherers from southern Sweden.. The Stuttgart sample was taken from a female skeleton excavated in 1982 at the site Viesenhäuser Hof, Stuttgart-Mühlhausen, Germany. It was attributed to the Linearbandkeramik (5,500-4,800 BC) .. The successful model (Fig. 2A) includes the previously reported gene flow into Native Americans from an MA1-like population6, as well as the novel inference that Stuttgart is partially (44 ± 10%) derived from a “Basal Eurasian” lineage that split prior to the separation of eastern non-Africans from the common ancestor of WHG and ANE…
A Basal Eurasian lineage in the Near East is plausible given the presence of anatomically modern humans in the Levant29 ~100 thousand years ago and African-related tools likely made by modern humans in Arabia30,31. Alternat
ively, evidence for gene flow between the Near East and Africa32, and African morphology in pre-farming Natufians33 from Israel, may also be consistent with the population representing a later movement of humans out of Africa and into the Near East.”
–Lizardis et al 2014. Ancient human genomes suggest three ancestral populations for present-day Europeans. Nature 513, 409–413

Ancient entanglements redux? :)


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Personality and Individual Differences 48 (2010) 91-96
----------------------------- -------------

Are intelligence tests measurement invariant over time? by JM Wicherts - ?2004
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For summary see:
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