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Blacks oppose free speech- the ramshackle "research" of Razib Khan and other matters

Another researcher from the East...

Recent protests by black students over racial incidents at the University of Missouri and Yale have provoked an outburst of indignation at said students as "bigots" opposed to "free speech" because the pressure they brought to bear, caused the Missouri university president to resign. But university presidents under pressure is nothing new for white students. Whites protest a lot of things- tuition, sexually predatory professors, ROTC on campus etc etc. Why is it that when black students protest that the right wing propaganda organs denounce them as beyond the pale?

Certainly a critique could be made of the students end game results. All the "race sensitivity" they call for ,at one level, only makes it so much easier for a racist idiot to gain massive amounts of attention with very effort. Are you a white nobody that needs attention? Well you can have it very easily. Simply draw a few swastikas on the restroom wall, tag on a racial epithet and presto- you have police investigations and high-level administrators piously intoning how racism is "unacceptable." Really now, this is supposed to be some sort of "progress" or "victory"? The "sensitivity" meme also means that trolls, rather than being ignored, now assume front and center attention as yet another faux "controversy" erupts on campus with each "incident."

Meanwhile the usual suspects on the right chime in that blacks are "opposers of free speech." Some, such as Indian blogger Razib Khan, even try to "prove" this by a species of ramshackle "research" - purporting to extrapolate this conclusion from poll data on whether library books should be banned. This is laughably weak on several counts:

First, as a "litmus test" of "free speech," banning books is rather vague and a weak proxy of "free speech" support. All libraries ban books, and have supporters internally and externally for doing so. You will not find many books primarily focused with pictures of people explicitly having sex, as in much pornography for example. There is a reason you will not find "Hustler" on library shelves and why libraries (shock!) still do such "bad" things as filtering explicit material on library computers used by the public, and paid for by the way, by the taxpayers. If you want your jollies fine- do it on your own time, on your dime, not the taxpayers. Indeed, court decisions generally uphold local community standards in the matter of libraries to some extent.

Second, the "research" gives little SPECIFIC breakdown on the percentages of blacks opposed to banning books. Rather it consists of estimates and extrapolations conjured up by Khan based on a general social science survey, using library book questions as a proxy for "opposition to free speech."

Third, and unlike Razib's own shaky extrapolations, there is plenty of literature on banning books and free speech, and it shows a diversity of white opinion. He does not reference it at all. For example polls in the early 1990s show a large majority of white respondents favored banning library books - some 77% of them. This percentage was heavily focused among evangelical whites. (Menendez 1996, Evangelicals at the Ballot Box). Liberal whites show lesser percentages. Note the diversity of white opinion. The central point here is that variations and nuances in white opinion are recognized on the topic, unlike the ramshackle "research" of Khan, who has few specifics on the makeup of the black sample, and THEIR diversity.

Fourth, "free speech" support depends in part on how questions are asked. When one poll for example asked mostly white respondents whether the US should ALLOW public speeches against democracy 45% said "No." But when asked if the us should FORBID public speeches against democracy, only 25% said "Yes." (George Bishop, 2004, The Illusion of Public Opinion: Fact and Artifact in American Public Opinion) Indeed, offering respondents a counterargument modified how they answered poll queries. Polls of Americans show strong support for the death penalty for convicted murderers, but that support becomes significantly less when the alternative to the death penalty as life imprisonment is presented to respondents. In short, the "free speech" question is complex and varies based on methodology and other factors. Bishop's book demonstrates that a lot of what passes as "public opinion" in mass media today is an illusion, an artifact of measurement created by vague or misleading survey questions presented to respondents who typically construct their opinions on the spot. Conveniently, none of this complexity appears in Razib's simplistic extrapolations about blacks. Credible research would use a variety sources, given the weaknesses above to establish a claim. Such credibility is absent.

Fifth, Razib's links to his survey data do little to support his insinuation that blacks are less committed to free speech than whites. In fact they say very little about that SPECIFIC topic at all. It is telling that no specifics are given on the claim: what percentage of the black sample for instance wanted to ban library books? Razib's "extrapolation" is all well and good but he has presented very little SPECIFICALLY to empirically support it. If anything the weight of history supports the OPPOSITE conclusion- blacks often being victims of speech suppression, have likewise often been big supporters of "free speech" - they had to smuggle "subversive" NAACP newspapers into the south for decades for example, and government Cointelpro organs well into the early 1970s were all too happy to quell "free speech" among certain blacks.

Sixth, conservatives themselves are well represented among non-free speech supporters, whether it be supporting the censorship and outright intimidation of the Jim Crow south and the Cointelpro era, to conservative-led or urged book banning, or the distorted propaganda stranglehold groups like the United Daughters of the Confederacy had for decades on education in the southern states, down to today's conservative-led curriculum disinformation in schools over slavery and the Civil War.  Indeed, Razib says that generally the better educated tend to support free speech more. This might be true- and indeed the better educated tend to be more liberal. If Razib's notion is correct, this leaves conservatives on the flip side- as a group on average, that tends to be less supportive of free speech.

Sixth, Razib's notion of campuses hostile to free speech is only partially true. When the overall picture is examined, liberal campus publications have often taken quite politically incorrect positions as regards race, and sometimes MISREPRESENT those who challenge said positions as seeking to "shut down' free speech. The vehicle through which this is done is the very same appeal to "free speech," contradicting conservative claims of the leftist PC monolith on campus. In the 1990s for example, the liberal Harvard Crimson, with very little vetting, published Professor of Government Harvey C. Mansfield Jr.'s widely disputed and unsubstantiated theories linking grade inflation to the influx of Black students at Harvard. When the Black Students Association (BSA), challenged the claim, calling for substantiation or refutation, the Crimson spun the BSA challenge as an attempt to "limit free speech." Deeper examination by other sources found that Mansfield's grade inflation theory was in fact, shaky, because such grade inflation was a matter of concern long BEFORE any substantial influx of black students. But the Crimson ran with the story- then defended it, then impugned the black students as "enemies of free speech"- even though more verification of the "inflation" claim was easily within its reach at the time the story first ran.

The same pattern occurred with a challenge the BSA made to claims in the Bell Curve, a book which has been criticized even by conservative friends of Charles Murray, such as Thomas Sowell, for its naive use of correlations. Once again, the liberals running the Crimson did not facilitate a vehicle for robust debate on the merits of the topic- pro and con, but spun the challenge as yet another attempt of "the blacks" to close down "free speech." Ironically the white liberal Crimson itself attempted to intimidate the president of the BSA, calling on her to step down unless she apologized for her challenge to the Bell Curve. Plenty of detail is found in the link below- showing that white liberals support free speech, as long as it fits with their agenda of the moment, and will not hesitate to attack their alleged black "coalition friends" when that agenda meets challenge. But this does not let conservatives off the hook- for they themselves cheered and piled on in an attempt to paint the black students as "enemies of free speech."

Finally, the "free speech" umbrella provides much cover for conservatives to take up unpopular positions on campus. The numerous "Diversity Bake Sale" mockery events on various campuses created by conservatives for example, and the "silent majority" support some report receiving, indicate that alleged "Stalinist totalitarianism" is not the reality on campuses, as far as racial issues. In fact, the complaint of the black students suggests otherwise, contradicting the right-wing narrative. And in addition, conservatives always have social media and other forums to appeal to outside of campus. And race is not necessarily the most controversial topic- far from it. There are plenty of mostly white "PC agendas" at play in campus- from homosexuals, to feminists, to standard Dem-Republican clashes, to the newly "transgendered." Right wing attempts to single blacks out fall flat in the "PC drama" sweepstakes.

One laughable example is on Razib's blog where one commenter compares the black protests at Yale as "extremist"- akin to the "extremism" in the south that "polarized" the region and led to Civil War. The only thing wrong with this notion is that it is bogus. Far from "extremism", most white southerners supported the slave system and were willing to go to war to defend it. By contrast, those who supported the union and opposed war were a marginalized lot, whether as measured statewide, or within individual counties of "mixed" Confederate and Union sympathizers. Protesters against "Lincoln's oppressions" were no minority, but mainstream, in terms of the white south. The book: The Confederate Heartland: Military and Civilian Morale in the Western Confederacy, by Bradley R. Clampitt 2011, lays out the case in detail, contradicting the right wing innocence narrative, and the "states rights" circular arguments. And of course almost every Confederate state's Declaration of Secession complains about or mentions their "right" to slavery being denied or hindered. Laughable apologist propaganda to the contrary cannot hide this reality.

Another ramshackle research project..

Khan's methods and arguments are reminiscent of another Indian blogger and author- convicted felon and adulterer Dinesh D'souza. Like Razib, D'souza dismisses concerns about race sensitivity on campus, and even wants to roll back key parts of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. But a similar pattern of ramshackle argument emerges, as detailed earlier. Ironically, D'Souza himself seems a beneficiary of "affirmative action" - the same 'special treatment' he never ceases to bash black scapegoats for. He was appointed "scholar" at prestigious Hoover Institute at Stanford for example, despite having no serious scholarly publication, or peer reviewed article published, and only having a BA in English. He was appointed president of prestigious  Kings College despite no experience in academic administration, or ministry. As one detailed analysis notes:

"He holds the post of “scholar” [Rishwain Scholar at Stanford University’s prestigious Hoover Institution] but has earned only a BA in English from Dartmouth where he eventually transferred. At age 26, he served as Senior Domestic Policy Analyst under Reagan without a shred of serious policy training. In fact D’Souza, the political “expert,” has no training whatsoever in social science. Moreover, he has been appointed to two research institute positions without a single peer- reviewed essay or publication. And, perhaps not surprisingly, he is treated as a serious intellectual in the media and publishing world despite the remarkable lack of research that goes into his books.

As an immigrant “success” story, his is more reminiscent of the political patronage and smoke-filled backroom promotions of over a century. In reality, D’Souza has little in the way of credentials or training to merit any of his promotions... If Dinesh D’Souza were not East Indian, he would simply have no role to play for the Right: there would be no White House credentials, no appointments as “scholar,” and no press."

FROM: --How Dinesh Gets Over: The Unmeritorious Scholarship of Dinesh D'Souza, by Christine Kelly.

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