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Irony 2: Higher IQs correlated with lower fertility rates

A recent post by Xenosystems talks about so called "IQ Shredders" - societies that attract and use very high IQ, economically productive people, but in turn, these same high IQ pace-setters are unable to reproduce themselves. His example is certain Asian societies.

Says the blogger- QUOTE:

How does an IQ Shredder work? The basic machinery is not difficult to describe, once its profound socio-historical irony is appreciated. The model IQ Shredder is a high-performance capitalistic polity, with a strong neoreactionary bias.

(1) Its level of civilization and social order is such that it is attractive to talented and competent people.
(2) Its immigration policy is unapologetically selective (i.e. first-order eugenic).

(3) It sustains an economic structure that is remarkably effective at extracting productive activity from all available adults.

(4) It is efficiently specialized within a wider commercial network, to which it provides valuable goods and services, and from which it draws economic and demographic resources.

In sum, it skims the human genetic stock, regionally and even globally, in large part due to the exceptional opportunity it provides for the conversion of bio-privileged human capital into economic value. From a strictly capitalistic perspective, genetic quality is comparatively wasted anywhere else. Consequently, spontaneous currents of economic incentive suck in talent, to optimize its exploitation.

.. The most advanced models of neoreactionary social order on earth work like this (Hong Kong and Singapore), combining resilient ethnic traditions with super-dynamic techonomic performance, to produce an open yet self-protective, civilized, socially-tranquil, high-growth enclave of outstanding broad-spectrum functionality. The outcome, as Spandrell explains, is genetic incineration:

Mr Lee said: “[China] will make progress but if you look at the per capita they have got, the differences are so wide. We have the advantage of quality control of the people who come in so we have bright Indians, bright Chinese, bright Caucasians so the increase in population means an increase in talent.”

How many bright Indians and bright Chinese are there, Harry? Surely they are not infinite. And what will they do in Singapore? Well, engage in the finance and marketing rat-race and depress their fertility to 0.78, wasting valuable genes just so your property prices don’t go down. Singapore is an IQ shredder.

The most hard-core capitalist response to this is to double-down on the antihumanist accelerationism. This genetic burn-rate is obviously unsustainable, so we need to convert the human species into auto-intelligenic robotized capital is fast as possible, before the whole process goes down in flames."
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A number of "HBD" types extend the argument that the US is also an "IQ Shredder" society given declining fertility rate among higher IQ whites, and the alleged dumbing down of national IQ by the increase in Hispanics. The "dumbing down"  argument is dubious however. Migration from Mexico is not causing so-called declines in IQ. In fact, hard data shows just the opposite. Hispanic migrants over time show RISING IQs, as documented under the Flynn Effect. Conservative blogger and businessman Ron Unz pointed out this rising trend some time ago- with Hispanics posting gains exceeding the relative gains of white Americans.

The IQ Shred argument is interesting nevertheless.- with its bottom line coming down to the higher IQ types having lower fertility rates, so low they cannot reproduce themselves. And as Satoshi Kanazawa also has shown, higher IQ, in general, on the average, among whites at least, is correlated with more liberalism, more homosexuality and more atheism. These 3 patterns track with declining fertility. Certainly an increase in homosexuality will have an impact, as would more unfettered liberalism and its disdain of traditional families. More atheism seems an odd man out but atheist Russia under the Soviets confirms the pattern- for it had markedly low fertility and the highest abortion rate in the world- 2 out of 3 live births in white Russia at present are liquidated.

IQ shred environments thus show a further irony of those who worship at the IQ altar, while sneeringly looking down on allegedly "lesser breeds." As shown in other posts- their "high G" pace-setters are:

1--More gay
2--More atheist
3--More liberal

To which we can now add a fourth:

4--And cannot reproduce themselves due to lower fertility

Where's the proof that IQ is correlated with lower fertility? Meisenberg (2010) below shows the details. Meisenberg holds that without new migration and with a constant environment, selection will eventually reduce overall intelligence. Note this decline will happen WITHOUT those pesky Mexicans. QUOTE:

Although a negative relationship between fertility and education has been described consistently in most countries of the world, less is known about the relationship between intelligence and reproductive outcomes. Also the paths through which intelligence influences reproductive outcomes are uncertain. The present study uses the NLSY79 to analyze the relationship of intelligence measured in 1980 with the number of children reported in 2004, when the respondents were between 39 and 47 years old. Intelligence is negatively related to the number of children, with partial correlations (age controlled) of ?.156, ?.069, ?.235 and ?.028 for White females, White males, Black females and Black males, respectively. This effect is related mainly to the g-factor. It is mediated in part by education and income, and to a lesser extent by the more “liberal” gender attitudes of more intelligent people. In the absence of migration and with constant environment, genetic selection would reduce the average IQ of the US population by about .8 points per generation."

--Gerhard Meisenberg (2010). The reproduction of intelligence. Intelligence. Volume 38, Issue 2, March–April 2010, Pages 220–230

There you have it- the much touted, "high G"paragons, alleged 'gods' of humanity, are "IQ Shredders" - cannibalizing themselves. As said earlier-Why are people like Charles Murray (and various other "heriditarian" types) complaining when their "high G" favorites are those in the forefront of helping white America "come apart" (to borrow from the title of Murray's book)? Didn't he celebrate these "role models"  earlier? Those high IQ paragons?  They worship the IQ gods, and the IQ gods have served up exactly what will undermine them.  Can you say irony again? I knew, you could...


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