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African boat people ushering in European demographic decline?

Dramatic pictures of sinking boats crammed with black migrants have seized the headlines, and provided new grist for the propaganda mills of the "heriditarian" or "HBD" faithful. According to the latest mill debris, swarms of "sub-Saharan blacks" are swamping the beaches of Europe, and in a few years, multiplying like rabbits, will bring European demographic decline to rock bottom. Cue jungle drums and looming shadows.. Good gosh! But is it really so? A look at the actual facts debunks the  usual suspects:

Numbers of the "swarming blacks" are comparatively small compared to what transpires on the US -Mexican border. The recent Economist Magazine cover story on the issue notes that the bulk of the refugees are a product of unrest in Syria and to a lesser extent, the "Arab Spring" fallout, and civil war in Eritrea. This is a far different picture than the breathless "HBD" propaganda claims of "hordes" of "sub-Saharan blacks" supposedly "swamping" the beaches of Europe. Just the Syrian unrest, itself a product of internal fighting working in combination with Western, Arab and Israeli machinations in the mix, has generated millions of displaced persons. Western military campaigns in North Africa, notably the overthrow of strongman Khadaffi in Libya, once a buffer absorbing migrant movement, is another factor.

The magazine also notes that European policies are not well coordinated, and that some countries are moving with "all deliberate speed" on the refugee crisis. Quote: "The obvious reason for the recent increase in deaths is that less is being done to avert them." This "benign neglect" approach suggests that Europeans are in no hurry to see more refugees and in fact have been discouraging their arrival, by hoping that sea voyages in rickety, unsafe boats whittle down the numbers that make it. Ginned up propaganda about how "the liberals" have "thrown open European borders" to "Sub-Saharan blacks" is bogus. The situation is in many cases the exact opposite. LIBERAL Europe has actually been in the forefront of discouraging said migrants, by letting the sea hazards cut their numbers.

Here is what one credible UN Report has to say about the "overwhelming" migration of West Africans to Europe for example. 

"All indications are, however, that the number has diminished in recent years. The flow of migrants has been knocked eastward over the last decade. From the Canaries to Lampe -dusa to Greece, each route was addressed, and smugglers were running out of options. Then came the economic downturn in 2008-2009. In addition to a sharp dip in the number of irregular migrants entering, there were qualitative indications that the downturn deterred migration. Migrants interviewed by UNODC mid-way to Europe were electing to turn around, as they had been told that opportunities were drying up. By 2010, the number of irregular migrants detected entering Europe by sea plunged to less than 16,000, one-sixth the number of a decade before. But 2011 brought the unexpected: conflict in Libya and regime change in both Tunisia and Egypt. All the estab -lished points of entry experienced an increase in arrivals between 2010 and 2011, but the most striking was Lampedusa, which was overwhelmed with nearly 60,000 incoming migrants. But it appears few of these were from West Africa: 
Italy as a whole experienced a sharp decline in detected West Africans, with less than 4,000 recorded. In total, just over 17,000 irregular migrants from West Africa were detected in Spain, Italy, Malta, and Greece in 2011. This includes all migrants detected, not just those arriving without paperwork. This is about one-third less than the figure in 2010, when UNODC last assessed the flow. The flow at that time was assessed at 55,000, which would suggest a figure of some 37,000 migrants in 2011."
--Smuggling of West African Migrants to Europe- 2008-2011. UNDOC.

^^ A rather underwhelming "black menace"..

Not only are most of the refugees to Europe the touted "Caucasoids," most asylum applications are from the same "Caucasoids" - namely from the Russian Federation, Syrians and Afghans. The 2014-15 UNHCR UN agency for refugees notes that :

"the crisis in the Syrian Arab Republic (Syria), in particular, has increased demand for asylum throughout the region. Germany and Sweden were the most affected, with the two countries receiving more than 50 per cent of Syrian applications. Germany was the recipient of the largest number of asylum applications overall in the region in 2013, followed by France and Sweden. While Syrians now form the second-largest group of applicants, the biggest and still increasing group comprises people from the Russian Federation. Afghans and Serbian asylum-seekers are the third- and fourth-largest groups, respectively. Also among those seeking asylum each year are stateless people. There are currently an estimated 436,000 stateless people in the region.."
--UNHCR GLobal Trends 2014 and UNCHR 2013 Facts and Figures

And then there are those Caucasoid Afghans- gee whatever happened to the American Operation "Enduring Freedom" in Afghanistan?:
"In 2013, the country hosting the largest number of refugees remained Pakistan, with 1.6 million refugees. Afghanistan retained the position as the biggest source country, a position it has held for 33 years however, with 2.47 million refugees, Syria is now a close second. On average, one out of every four refugees worldwide is Afghan, with 95% located in Pakistan or Iran."

Jump to high Caucasoid numbers from Syria and Columbia: 
 "Escalating conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic displaced an estimated 4.5 million persons in 2013, bringing the total number of IDPs in the country to 6.5 million by year end. With close to 5.4 million internally displaced persons registered by the Government by the end of 2013, Colombia too continued to face a large displacement situation."

Let's look at England. The main countries of asylum seekers are again, the touted "Caucasoids," and the first African country in the list is virtually matched neck and neck by Caucasoid Albania in the number of asylum seekers. Of the top ten countries, only 2 are African. Per UNHCR data: Pakistan (3,343), Iran (2,417), Sri Lanka (1,808), Syria (1,669), Eritrea (1,377), Albania (1,326), Bangladesh (1,123), Afghanistan (1,040), India (965), Nigeria (915)"
--UNHCR 2014- "The UK and Asylum"

And LIBERAL Europe has been doing quite well in turning back non-Caucasoids. For instance, Italy iso ne of the frontline states, and was able to reduce the number of illegal border crossings between the West African coast and the Canary Islands from almost 32,000 in 2006, to only 250 in 2013. In short, in terms of refugees, asylum seekers, and even people caught at key sea borders, Europe has hardly seen massive numbers of "sub Saharan blacks" reputedly "swamping" the white homeland- hysterical "HBD" propaganda to the contrary.

But a much more important reason for European demographic decline is that Europeans continue to kill off their next generation at an impressive rate. Let's begin with those Nordic "role models" - Sweden. Despite plentiful supply of birth control pills, the more advanced and reputedly mo virtuous white Nordics continue to kill the next white generation with impressive consistency:

In Sweden, abortion rates jump despite plentiful supply of Plan B pill
The Swedish Association of Midwives says the organization was surprised and saddened to see abortions rise from 18.4 per 1,000 women in 1997 to 20.9 per 1,000 women last year, United Press International reported.

^This may indeed be European Malthusian “moral restraint”.. Some argue that the last line of salvation lies in Eastern Europe, but the reputed “saviors” are equally unimpressive “role models” of anything. The Soviet Union was posting rates of 180 per 1000 as early as the 1970s, the white Bulgarians 64 per 1,000, white Hungarians 83,5 per 1,000. As one study notes: “It seems that many Soviet women undergo five, ten or even more abortions during their childbearing years.” When one survey of 206 white Soviet women asked how many abortions they had – at least 60 percent had had at least one abortion.” Ten percent of them had at least 4- 8 abortions apiece. (The Soviet Union: Party and Society- By Peter J. Potichnyj- 1988)

Now let’s look at another breakdown.   Below are 2003 stats on abortions in Europe by country:

As can be seen, would be pace setters in Europe are killing off their next generation at a healthy clip. Contrast with rates for blacks and Latinos in the US. QUOTE:

"Among women aged 15 to 19 in the late 1990s, Latinas had an abortion ratio of 27.5% (the rate of abortion per 100 pregnancies): whites had a ratio of 32%; and African Americans, 40.8 percent."
(--Lasaki et al. 2009. Cultural Proficiency in Addressing Health Disparities)

Compare to the culluds:

White abortion ratios per 100 age-15-19 pregnancies:
Belarus – 47.5
Bulgaria -40.4
Advanced northern European Denmark- 62.6
England and wales – 40.2
Estonia – 49.7
Super-duper northern European France- 51.2
Super duper Finland- 52.9
Hungary – 50.3
Iceland – 51.1
Super duper Nordic Norway – 59.2
Russian Federation 56.1
Slovenia – 49.2
Super duper Nordic Sweden- 69.6
Source: Reproductive Health Behaviour of Young Europeans, Volume 1- 2003. Council of Europe

As can be seen, the results of all these putative "role models" are higher than the black and Latino rates.

One final irony regarding migration of Africans to Europe- AFRICANS HAVE BEEN MIGRATING THERE FROM VERY ANCIENT TIMES...
DNA studies show African movement to Europe from very ancient times

Joint products of "racial evolution"...


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