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Thai me up, Thai me down

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Why do Thais post lower IQ scores than East Asians like Chinese, particularly southern Chinese? The latest info from hereditarians places Thai scores in the high 80s per Lynn and Vanhanen  (Intelligence: A Unifying Construct for the Social Sciences 2012.) This should not be the case if genetics ruled, because genetically the Thais, on the average, cluster with Chinese, particularly southern Chinese. Indeed, DNA analysis (Kong et al 2011) shows that China was peopled by migrants from the warmer south- i.e. "the southern route" via Southeast Asia. Quote:

"The observation that most of the newly recognized mtDNA lineages have already differentiated and show the highest genetic diversity in southern China provided additional evidence in support of the Southern Route peopling hypothesis of East Asians. Specifically, the enrichment of most of the basal lineages in southern China and their rather ancient ages in Late Pleistocene further suggested that this region was likely the genetic reservoir of modern humans after they entered East Asia."  
-- Kong et al (2011) Large-Scale mtDNA Screening Reveals a Surprising Matrilineal Complexity in East Asia and Its Implications to the Peopling of the Region. Mol Biol Evol (2011) 28 (1): 513-522

The DNA data also shows that Thais cluster with southern Chinese, as would be expected if there were migrational overlap from the south into China. Quote:
" On the other hand, Thais, Vietnamese, and Cambodians joined with southern Chinese."

 Cavalli-Sforza ( The History and Geography of Human Genes (1994) likewise clusters Thais closer to Chinese as compared with non-Asians, and on the same twig as southern Chinese. Interestingly, Cavalli-Sforza also shows Tibetans to be much close genetically to Northern Chinese, and yet, according to top racialist hereditarian scholar Richard Lynn, Thai's post much lower IQ scores than southern Chinese, or more northerly East Asian types, including Koreans and Japanese. As for the closely related Tibetans, they post IQ scores almost 1 standard deviation below their closely related genetic Chinese counterparts per hereditarian studies. QUOTE:

"The intelligence and mathematical ability of Tibetan and Han Chinese junior and senior secondary school and college students in Tibet was assessed by a modified version of the Standard Progressive Matrices and a mathematics test. Among junior secondary school students, the Tibetans obtained a lower IQ than the Chinese by 12.6 IQ points, and also scored lower on mathematics. Tibetan senior secondary school students and college students also obtained lower IQs and lower scores on mathematics tests than the Chinese." 
--Lynn, Richard (2008). IQ and Mathematics Ability of Tibetans and Han Chinese. Mankind Quarterly, Vol. 48, No. 4 (Summer 2008) pp. 505-510.

China's 2009 PISA scores show similar patterns. Most of the top scores are from the southerly regions, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Macau or closer to the south than the north (Zhejiang). How is it that the much maligned tropical areas post the highest IQ scores among Chinese, beating out the supposedly more advanced cold-climate northerners, and yet closely related Thais, also from more tropical regions score lower?

How is it that cold-climate Tibetans, closely related genetically to other East Asians like non-southern Chinese, Koreans, etc post lower IQ scores? These are not distant cold climate peoples like Inuit, but closely related fellow East Asians.

Thomas Sowell warned in his excellent critique of the Bell Curve that correlation is not causation. That wise principle heavily applies in the field where many are prone to sweeping claims of messianic certainty:

"Perhaps the most intellectually troubling aspect of The Bell Curve is the authors' uncritical approach to statistical correlations. One of the first things taught in introductory statistics is that correlation is not causation. It is also one of the first things forgotten, and one of the most widely ignored facts in public policy research. The statistical term "multicollinearity," dealing with spurious correlations, appears only once in this massive book.. Multicollinearity refers to the fact that many variables are highly correlated with one another, so that it is very easy to believe that a certain result comes from variable A, when in fact it is due to variable Z, with which A happens to be correlated. In real life, innumerable factors go together.  
--Sowell Thomas (1995) The Bell Curve Wars

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