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Deteriorating state of white America

An assortment of statistics suggest that white America is deteriorating on several counts. Standard propaganda narratives invoke a victim comparison- on one side virtuous, suffering white people, and on the other, "pampered" minorities who are getting "giveaway" government programs beyond measure. Such narratives are dubious however as detailed below.  As will be seen though, some key indicators of deterioration are very real. Here is some current data for example on white out-of-wedlock births. As can be seen

Putative white "role models" are unimpressive on numerous counts as hard data shows, For example, here are some stats on white out-of-wedlock patterns, as reported circa 2012. Whites post a 50% out-of-wedlock rate for under 30 white women with no college- 29% white out-of-wedlock overall, figures worse than blacks prior to the welfare state era of the mid and late 1960s.



Which brings us to some current data from an article by  Nicholas Eberstadt, on deterioration of white America. The author calls for a new Moynihan Report to find out why, and suggests that there has been little attention to this crisis from the media and policymakers. Heriditarian Charles Murray points out similar patterns of white deteriorating in his book Coming Apart. It should be noted however that such deterioration, or such patters are nothing new, whether it be on the marriage, crime, abortion and other fronts. They have always been in place- though obscured by the demonization of a black "Other" - a bogeyman that diverts attention away from the underlying problems in many white communities. Below is an excerpt. The full article is here.

White Families Are in Trouble, Too
With More Absent Fathers and Poverty, It's Time for a New Moynihan Report
Nicholas Eberstadt | Dallas News
August 21, 2005

Forty years after the Moynihan report, the tragic saga of the modern black family is common knowledge. But the tale of family breakdown in modern America is no longer a story delimited to a single ethnic minority. Today the family is also in crisis for this country's ethnic majority: the so-called white American population.

The crisis in the white family has attracted curiously little attention from commentators and policymakers. Yet by many of the criteria of the Moynihan report, today's white American family looks to be at least as troubled as the black family of the early 1960s.

Consider trends in out-of-wedlock births. By 2002, 28.5 percent of babies of white mothers were born outside marriage in this country. Over the past generation, the white illegitimacy rate has exploded, quadrupling since 1975, when the level was 7.1 percent. The overall illegitimacy rate for whites is higher than it was for black mothers (23.6 percent) when the Moynihan report sounded its alarm.

Moreover, with 75 percent-plus of their babies born outside marriage, white teens now have much higher illegitimacy rates than the black American teens of the early and mid-1960s. Indeed, in 2002, a white mother younger than 30 was more likely to have an illegitimate child than a black mother was in 1970.

White illegitimacy rates look somewhat lower if the non-Hispanic white population is examined apart from Hispanic Americans. Even so, in 2002, the illegitimacy rate for "white Anglos"--as Euro-Americans are sometimes called--was 23 percent--virtually identical to levels 40 years earlier for black mothers.

Today no state in the Union has an Anglo illegitimacy ratio as low as 10 percent. Even in predominantly Mormon Utah, every eighth non-Hispanic white infant is born out of wedlock.

What about family instability and fatherlessness? As of 2001, according to a U.S. Census Bureau study released earlier this month, every fifth white child under 18 was living in a single-parent home. Roughly a third of America's white children, furthermore, were living in a home without both biological parents--and 2 percent to 3 percent of white children lived with neither biological parent. Here again, white American trends have reached Moynihan report levels.

The "tangle of pathology" described in the Moynihan report is also increasingly apparent in white America. Welfare dependence, for example, is far more prevalent among white families than is commonly appreciated. Notwithstanding the 1996 Welfare Reform Act, as of 2002, roughly 29 percent of white children and nearly 24 percent of Anglo children lived in families accepting at least one form of means-tested public assistance. In other words, welfare program participation rates among white children today are close to twice as high as they were among black children at the time of the Moynihan report.

And despite a decade of dropping crime statistics, criminality is leaving a growing mark on white youth. As of 2004, 1.6 percent of all Anglo men in their 20s and 30s were behind bars--roughly twice the rate as recently as 1980.

Prescient as it was, in retrospect we can see that the Moynihan report was off the mark in one key respect. It suggested that family breakdown was a distinctive problem for African-Americans due to their unique and painful legacy of slavery and racial discrimination. The scars of American racism, however, can hardly explain the disintegration of white families in America over the past four decades--much less the growing instability of families in affluent democracies on other continents.

At this writing, for example, the illegitimacy ratio has topped 40 percent in both France and Britain, and more than 20 percent of Germany's families with children are headed by single parents. And across the Pacific, "Asian values" no longer confer blanket inoculation against family decay: In 2003, South Korea recorded 56 divorces for every 100 marriages.

Clearly, the crisis of the family is not just a "black thing.
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And that brings us to 2 more points:

Alleged white "sufferahs" are themselves profiting from so-called 'giveways' like welfare, while limiting similarly situated blacks. One thing wrong with this narrative is that the putative white sufferahs have full access to the alleged "giveaways" and have profited by them.  Let's take welfare for example. Data shows that in states with high white populations, welfare benefits are more generous compared to areas with high minority populations. Indeed, from 1960 to 1990 for example, states with larger black welfare populations offered significantly LOWER welfare benefits, than in states with larger white populations. In essence, relatively more affluent white welfare recipients saw greater amounts of aid given than blacks proportionately in said states (See Gerald C. Wright. 1977. “Racism and Welfare Policy in America.” Social Science Quarterly 57(3): 718-30; Christopher Howard. 1999. “Field Essay: American Welfare State or States?.” Political Research Quarterly). Here's some more data:

"Hostility to blacks is obviously more serious than hostility to Hispanics, and extends to the under-provision of such public goods as sewers and police in counties with high average incomes in the black population.. the percentage of blacks who are poor is positively associated with the number of welfare recipients and negatively associated with the average payment (indicating lower per recipient payments to blacks than to other groups."

--Roger D. Masters Why Welfare States Rise- and Fall.. in K. Salter (ed) Welfare, Ethnicity and Altruism: 2013. 273-275


"The percentage of African-American population had a negative effect on the average monthly grant. Therefore those states with higher African-American populations, especially the South, had lower monthly grant amounts.. Grant amounts for African- Americans in the South were significantly lower that those for whites, ranging from 7.3 percent less in Washington. D.C. to 37.6 percent less in South Carolina."
--Deborah Ward. 2009. The White Welfare State, p 77. 121

And here's another study of how whites, who are much wealthier than blacks, get more generous treatment at the welfare rolls (Durr and Hill 2006):

"To determine if the negative association between single-mother families and AFDC generosity is dependent on race, I incorporate the percentage of the population that is black into the model.. Doing so significantly improves our models in 1980 and 1990, as states with relatively large black populations have less generous AFDC payments... states with a larger percentage of black single-mother families have less generous welfare spending, while states with a larger proportion of white single-mother families offer more generous welfare spending.. These findings suggest that black and white families are granted uneven support by AFDC, or more specifically that the racial component of single parents in a state influences that state's generosity."-Marlese Durr and Shirley Hill (2006) Race, Work, and Family in the Lives of African Americans. 125-129

Nor is this anything new. It goes back to the much touted "New Deal" and even before. When unemployment insurance was enacted in 1935, for example, it did not extend to agricultural and domestic workers, whom reformers did not see as independent, full-time breadwinners, and on whom the Souths low-wage economy depended. As a result, 55 percent of all African American workers and 87 percent of all wage-earning African American women were excluded from one of the chief benefits of the New Deal. (Dowd, J (2005) The Long Civil Rights Movement and the Political Uses of the Past. Jrn AmerHist 91:4) 

Likewise the GI Bill, an ostensibly color-blind initiative, unfairly privileged white veterans by turning benefits administration over to local governments, thereby ensuring that Southern blacks would find it nearly impossible to participate, or would be sandbagged and hindered by halfhearted Jim Crow regimes, though some money did grudgingly go to some Negro colleges. Likewise postwar policies in housing provided a fulsome suite of resources to help whites attain home-ownership but marginalized blacks via limiting loan access or steering blacks into areas with sub-standard or deteriorating housing stock as a requirement for receiving any government help at all. (Ira Katznelson (2005) When Affirmative Action Was White)

Finally, black self-help accomplished most of the heavy lifting without needing white benevolence in the form of "quotas."   Indeed, the majority blacks had pulled themselves ABOVE the poverty line BEFORE the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the substantiative implementation of Affirmative Action in the 1970s as Sowell 2004, 1981, 1983, 2005 shows.

In short, white America is experiencing deteriorating on several counts, and several of these counts are not anything new calling into question the hypocritical "role model" postures of many. Thus the pious narrative of piteous white sufferahs laboring under the burdens of alleged "favors" done "minorities," continues to be bogus.


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----------------------------- -------------

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---------------- -------


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---------------- -------

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---------------- -------


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Oswald Durand said...

Based on your posts, I've recently began to read Thomas Sowell. I had dismissed him as a typical right wing tank think prizefighter before that. I haven't done a 180 degrees turn in my opinion of him, however I must say that he does a very good job of hiding his right wing agenda. Let's take his black redneck claims for example, isn't it a clever way of calling a substantial segment of the black population the n word? According to Sowell, all that blacks had to do was to adopt ideal bourgeois behavior to get the same treatment as whites. My question to you and Sowell is why is it that white rednecks aren't treated the way black rednecks are? I don't read of police shooting white rednecks with the frequency they gun down their black brethren.

Research data said...

Sowell is linked with various right-wing causes, but this is nothing special. Numerous other scholars are linked with left-wing causes. In both cases, their arguments and data have to be examined on the merits. And Sowell's right wing leanings are no secret as anyone who reads his work can see.

It should be noted however that some of Sowell's work actually undermines numerous right wing claims. The right wing claim that all or most significant black progress is due to "affirmative action" is well debunked by Sowell. Significant black access to higher education is due to such things as the GI Bill, a measure benefiting all American veterans, not quotas doled out by white people. Likewise Sowell's data undermines the "white virtue" narrative of assorted right wingers- showing that alleged white "role models" or goodness are anything but- like the white Irish for example. On the IQ front he shows that test score gaps are nothing unusual or special- that white ethnics had such gaps and they were slowly reduced as conditions improved. He also criticizes Charles Murray's "Bell Curve", for naive use of statistical correlations.

If you have just started reading Sowell you do not appear to be reading him too carefully, or do not understand the data he puts on the table. I say this based on the points noted above and your notion that he hides his right wing leanings, when the fact is that his right wing leanings are no secret.

You ask:
My question to you and Sowell is why is it that white rednecks aren't treated the way black rednecks are? I don't read of police shooting white rednecks with the frequency they gun down their black brethren.
The answer is pretty obvious. White rednecks formed part of the ruling white society - so of course they would get more favorable treatment. However white rednecks on the other side of the coin are among some despised segments of US society- the butt of media jokes and stereotypes for example. And white rednecks, in the from of the white Irish, have been among the most despised immigrant groups in US or British history They never had it as bad as blacks but the data shows societal scorn- from brutal beatings and Paddywagons in the US, to harsh oppression under the British.

You also say:
According to Sowell, all that blacks had to do was to adopt ideal bourgeois behavior to get the same treatment as whites.
If you were understanding Sowell you would also see he shows that WHITE rednecks who FAILED to adopt bourgeois behavior were/are ALSO despised in US society. Even in the racist south for example, the crude, loud, dirty, violent lower class "white trash" were looked down upon by better off whites for their failure to adhere to bourgeois norms. Where such rednecks are in the majority and gain power they can shrug aside societal scorn, But where they are a minority without controlling power they reap a large measure of scorn by the "better class of white folk."

Read Sowell on the merits and on the balance- for the data he brings to bear, and in fact, you can use Sowell profitably to debunk right wingers and their claims.

Oswald Durand said...

Thank you "Research data" for taking the time to reply to my comment and for bringing Sowell's data to my attention. The hidden right wing agenda I perceive in his writings stems from the fact that he invites the reader to conclude that adopting proper middle class values exempts one from the malice of a racist society. The fate of black railway workers and black jockeys among others make me doubt that. Your criticism of white supremacist nonsense based on Sowell's work surprised me because I mistook the guy for a right wing hack with nothing serious to say, I was wrong. I agree with you that his stuff can be mined profitably for purposes that he might not care for. "The answer is pretty obvious. White rednecks formed part of the ruling white society - so of course they would get more favorable treatment." Sorry but that claim is an evasion of the facts of history. You would have a point if you could show that the black bourgeoisie is protected from the malice of vengeful racist mobs and arbitrary government rules. We all know that simply has no basis in historical facts. Black bourgeois have been lynched and their properties destroyed, etc. The whole black embourgeoisement program and blaming those blacks who failed to buy into it as the cause for the resistance of whites to black progress smacks of blaming the victim to me.

Research data said...

I do not dispute that Sowell has right wing leanings. His articles for assorted conservative publications or venues like show that. Indeed I think some of his recent stuff is weak- like his recent book- Race and Intellectuals- where he dwells mostly on issues re the Progressives circa the 1920s, or Cold War liberals/1960/70s liberalism etc, and so on, rather that what's happening now on the Internet and in current books and research in the field where intellectuals and race intersect.

However as I say, his work have to be viewed on the balance overall, and when it is, you will see that he does quite nicely debunking white racists of all stripes using hard data. Indeed I would say his work fills one of the weak gaps with black critique out there- that it too often relies mostly on emotional approaches or political/rhetorical approaches when confronting white racists, not hard data that hammers them factually into the ground. Most people however, miss this aspect of Sowell's work.

And my example of white rednecks is spot on actually. You are creating claims out of thin air that Sowell never made- somewhat of a strawman. He never said or implies that the black bourgeois were exempt from racist persecution. That is a strawman. He said that so-called "middle class" values of behaviors, enable blacks to progress economically and socially faster in the dominant society. This observation is nothing unusual. The Black Muslims have long pushed such "bourgeois" values as speaking properly, dressing neatly (and often in middle class fashion), being punctual, applying unrelenting 0haerd work to business and employment etc etc. Malcolm X did not show up for his speeches in sagging pants- but in quite conservative "bourgeois" suits and ties. Elijah Muhammed sounded like a white right winger when he said "observe the white man's operations. He makes few excuses for his failures. You do likewise.." and many similar pronouncements.

Likewise Martin Luther King and the Civ Rights activists that faced down Bull Connor and others were models of middle class dress and decorum when needed. They had to be for 2 reasons: (1) It undermined white racist charges of "wild negroes" out to destroy everything, (2) it demonstrated to courts that civ rights protesters were in fact credible people who while paying the price for civil disobedience, were in orderly fashion petitioning thru the proper channels for redress. In fact, several bogus convictions of "threat to public order" by local racist judges and such were voided by higher courts who noted the sober, orderly protests of the blacks as they did their thing, and their willingness to go to jail, as per the law, until said unjust laws were overturned LEGALLY. Ever wonder why it was Rosa Parks that the black community mobilized around and not other blacks with shakier backgrounds arrested earlier? Rosa was chosen because she was a sober, respectable figure, who would have credibility in appeals court, and who could mobilize the black community at that time. If such a respectable woman was hauled off the bus and treated like a common criminal, what did that demonstrate as to the attitude of white society? Even timid "go slow" Negroes could not afford to overlook the famous Bus Boycott struggle that ensued. And they delivered- laying it on the line- while alleged fire breathers elsewhere only talked.

There is no "blaming the victim" involved. What you are claiming was never said by Sowell, but is actually a false strawman. You need to be more familiar with his works if you want to make a credible critique.