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Nile Valley Notes 2


The lighter skin of SOME Egyptians is not necessarily a marker of "whiteness?" The Saharan and Sudanic peoples who played a major part in populating Egypt have a range of INDIGENOUS features, and indeed in Africa itself, ancient populations like the San have yellowish and light brown skin. Their primary haplogroup is A, found overwhelming in Africa. They are thus firmly an African population. Indeed hap A also occurs at almost 60% in the southern Sudan. (Hassan 2008) So this supposedly magical "light brown" skin or "light skin" is quite within the indigenous range of African peoples. Skin color is also influenced by climate. Peoples not in the hotter desert or jungle regions, like those near the Mediterranean Sea in the far north tend to have lighter skin, but they are STILL African. In Africa people move in and out of such zones for centuries. Narrow nosed, thin lipped Tkutsi with dark skin have DNA that is overwhelming West African, and don't need supposedly "mystical" "Caucasoids" to explain why.

the foreign"brown skin" notion falls flat in ultra diverse Africa, the most diverse region in the world. Indeed mainstream European dictionary definitions of "black people" includes people with "brown skin". So much for "wandering Caucasoids" needed to provide brown skin.

It may be true that the foreign influences may have changed SOME Egyptians, but fundamentally, the ancient peoples of the Nile Valley did not need any “race mix” with “inflowing Caucasoids” to have light skin, or narrow noses, or any of a dozen variants? Climate and deep rooted ancient lineages account for such INDIGENOUS variability without the need for reputed “wandering Caucasoids” to explain why?

) Egypt did not need any “Nubians” to change its genetic makeup. Its early phases show more clustering with Aaharan and Sudanic populations (Keita 1993, 2004). Nor did it need any ‘Nubians’ to give it dark skin. Dark skin has been in Egypt since ancient times. Ancient Egyptians were an INDIGENOUS African population, and they link with other African groups more than Europeans or Middle Easterners even with the centuries of gene flow from the Middle East and Europe.

Limb proportions are just one example, showing a variety of factors at work, including climate.


DNA data is another:

(b) Trying to make “Nubians” out to be foreign migrants and by implication “blacks” is a bogus game. The people ethnically the closest to the Egyptians were Nubians, a point shown by respected mainstream Egyptologists like Yurco.


[b]Nubians were ethnically the closest people to the Egyptians. Conflict between the two were typical clashes between kingdoms without the simplistic "racial" models drawn by some 20th century writers.[/b]

Quote 1:

"The ancient Egyptians referred to a region, located south of the third cataract the Nile River, in which Nubians dwelt as Kush.. Within such context, this phrase is not a racial slur. Throughout the history of ancient Egypt there were numerous, well documented instances that celebrate Nubian-Egyptian marriages. A study of these documents, particularly those dated to both the Egyptian New Kingdom (after 1550 B.C.E.) and to Dynasty XXV and early Dynasty XXVI (about 720-640 BCE), reveals that neither spouse nor any of the children of such unions suffered discrimination at the hands of the ancient Egyptians. Indeed such marriages were never an obstacle to social, economic, or political status, provided the individuals concerned conformed to generally accepted Egyptian social standards. Furthermore, at times, certain Nubian practices, such as tattooing for women, and the unisex fashion of wearing earrings, were wholeheartedly embraced by the ancient Egyptians." (Bianchi, 2004: p. 4)

'It is an extremely difficult task to attempt to describe the Nubians during the course of Egypt's New Kingdom, because their presence appears to have virtually evaporated from the archaeological record.. The result has been described as a wholesale Nubian assimilation into Egyptian society. This assimilation was so complete that it masked all Nubian ethnic identities insofar as archaeological remains are concerned beneath the impenetrable veneer of Egypt's material; culture.. In the Kushite Period, when Nubians ruled as Pharaohs in their own right, the material culture of Dynasty XXV (about 750-655 B.C.E.) was decidedly Egyptian in character.. Nubia's entire landscape up to the region of the Third Cataract was dotted with temples indistinguishable in style and decoration from contemporary temples erected in Egypt. The same observation obtains for the smaller number of typically Egyptian tombs in which these elite Nubian princes were interred. (Bianchi, 2004, p. 99-100)

- Robert Bianchi ( 2004). Daily Life of the Nubians. Greenwood Publishing Group

[b]One of Egypt's greatest dynasties, the 12th, originated from dark-skinned Nubian stock, according to conservative Egyptologist F. Yurco (1989). The 12th Dynasty ruled approximately 1000 years BEFORE the well known "black" 25th Dynasty.[/b]

Quote 2:

"the XIIth Dynasty (1991-1786 B.C.E.) originated from the Aswan region.4 As expected, strong Nubian features and dark coloring are seen in their sculpture and relief work. This dynasty ranks as among the greatest, whose fame far outlived its actual tenure on the throne. Especially interesting, it was a member of this dynasty- that decreed that no Nehsy (riverine Nubian of the principality of Kush), except such as came for trade or diplomatic reasons, should pass by the Egyptian fortress at the southern end of the Second Nile Cataract. Why would this royal family of Nubian ancestry ban other Nubians from coming into Egyptian territory? Because the Egyptian rulers of Nubian ancestry had become Egyptians culturally; as pharaohs, they exhibited typical Egyptian attitudes and adopted typical Egyptian policies."

- (F. J. Yurco, 'Were the ancient Egyptians black or white?', Biblical Archaeology Review (Vol 15, no. 5, 1989)

"Among the foreigners, the Nubians were closest ethnically to the Egyptians. In the late predynastic period (c. 3700-3150 B.C.E.), the Nubians shared the same culture as the Egyptians and even evolved the same pharaonic political structure."

- (F. J. Yurco, 'Were the ancient Egyptians black or white?', Biblical Archaeology Review (Vol 15, no. 5, 1989)


[b]Recent studies of the Siwa Berber population in Egypt, puts them closer to sub-Saharan populations that other populations.[/b]

"Admixture values based on Alu/STR combinations indicate that sub-Saharan flow in North Africa ranged from 16% (North East Moroccan Berbers) to 35% (remaining samples) with the exception of Siwa berbers who showed the highest admixture value (51%)"
-- --Gonzalez et al on the Siwa (Egyptian Oasis) Berbers. "Population Relationships in the Mediterranean Revealed by Autosomal Genetic Data" 2009, Amer Jrn Phy. Anth.


Joint products of "racial evolution"...


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Evolution, brain size, and the national IQ of peoples ... - Jelte Wicherts 2010

Why national IQs do not support evolutionary theories of intelligence - WIcherts, Borsboom and Dolan 2010
Personality and Individual Differences 48 (2010) 91-96
----------------------------- -------------

Are intelligence tests measurement invariant over time? by JM Wicherts - ?2004
 --Dolan, Wicherts et al 2004. Investigating the nature of the Flynn effect. Intelligence 32 (2004) 509-537

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Race and other misadventures: essays in honor of Ashley Montagu... By Larry T. Reynolds, Leonard Lieberman

Race and intelligence: separating science from myth. By Jefferson M. Fish. Routledge 2002. See Templeton's detailed article referenced above also inside the book
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Oubre, A (2011) Race Genes and Ability: Rethinking Ethnic Differences, vol 1 and 2. BTI Press
For summary see:
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 J. FiSh (2002) Race and Intelligence: Separating science from myth.


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