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SOme African sub-groups are the tallest people in the world- the Dinka


[b]Tropical African growth trends are generally more than others unless hindered by enviro factors[/b]- quote:

"..but there seems to be a consistent pattern in all three groups.. Children of African stock are more advanced in growth at all ages than European children unless their growth has been restricted by environmental factors, and it therefore seems likely that infection would have been the main factor responsible for this slowing down in height growth.."

--Floud et al 1990 Health, Health and History

[b]Dutch height is comparatively recent due to health care and nutrition. quote: [/b]
"the Dutch are not tall because they need extra height to survive the cold.. they didn't start getting tall until about 150 years ago, so their height can't possibly be an evolutionary adaptation... Dutch height is a tribute to their health care and social services systems.."
--The New Yorker 80 I 1-9 2004.

[b]Dinka height statistics are often cited from 1963, but this ignores much improved nutritional conditions overall for East Africans since then. 1995 stats draw from impoverished, starving refugees not a full snapshot of the population. Just as Europeans are not sitting still, neither are Africans [/b]

Rogers and Bainbridge cited almost 6 feet for the Dinka in 1963, but
scholars Eveleth and Tanner using a broader dataset, and Floud et al,
report measurements that place the Dinka taller than other populations.
And these measurements increase in favorable health and nutritional
conditions which are much improved for the Dinka overall since 1963

^ D. F. Roberts, D. R. Bainbridge: Nilotic physique. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 1963, p. 341-370

Dinka heights in a 1995 refugee camp study (CHalli 1995)  average almost 6 feet, but this was a refugee camp situation almost 20 years ago, drawing upon a small sample. This does not reflect the overall Dinka situation, nor does it capture changes in height due to better nutrition among the Dinka. Just as EUropeans are not standing still in height gains from nutrition and other actors, neither are Africans remaining static.

QUOTE: "..but there seems to be a consistent pattern in all three groups.. Children of African stock are more advanced in growth at all ages than European children unless their growth has been restricted by environmental factors, and it therefore seems likely that infection would have been the main factor responsible for this slowing down in height growth.."
--Floud et al 1990 Health, Health and History

[b]Tropical African height is consistently more over human history going back to ancient Turkana boy [/b]:

"At eight years old, Turkana Boy was already five feet three inches tall. If he had lived to adulthood, he would have stood more than six feet tall. People who live in hot climates tend to be tall like Turkana Boy. Over generations, tallness evolved in populations living in hot climates because a long body exposes a lot of skin to the air, making it easy to cool off."
-- Peter Robertshaw, Jill Rubalcaba 2005 The Early Human World. Oxford University PRess.

[b]Small sample sizes do not show the full range of African heights as the scientific literature notes: quote-[/b]
"The Turkana data are rather uneven probably due to small sample sizes."
--Worldwide Variation in Human Growth. 1991. Phyllis B. Eveleth, James M. Tanner

In any event, historical data shows certain African groups WITHIN nations
are the tallest people in the world. They are not sitting static and also have seen benefits of better nutrition.



Hoe lang is Nederland nog het langste volk ter wereld?

    quote: Nederlanders zijn het langste volk ter wereld, maar hoe lang nog? Uit onderzoek blijkt dat de gemiddelde lengte van Nederlanders de laatste 13 jaar niet is toegenomen en dat is uitzonderlijk. De afgelopen 160 jaar is dit niet eerder gebeurd.

Nederlanders steeds langer en zwaarder

De volwassen inwoner van Nederland is gemiddeld 173,5 cm lang. Volwassen mannen zijn gemiddeld 180 cm lang, 13 cm langer dan volwassen vrouwen.

Hoger opgeleiden zijn gemiddeld langer dan lager opgeleiden. Het verschil tussen het laagste en hoogste opleidingsniveau bedraagt bijna 7 cm. Dat is voor een deel te verklaren doordat mannen en jongeren in het algemeen beter opgeleid zijn dan vrouwen en ouderen. Als daarmee rekening wordt gehouden, verschillen de laagst en hoogst opgeleiden nog altijd 3 cm in lichaamslengte.

Lichaamslengte van Nederlanders naar hoogst voltooide opleiding, 1997 (personen van 20 jaar en ouder)

-Personen in niet verstedelijkte gebieden zijn gemiddeld bijna 2 cm langer dan personen in sterk verstedelijkte gebieden.

Lichaamslengte van Nederlanders naar stedelijkheid woongemeente, 1997 (personen van 20 jaar en ouder)


In het algemeen worden onder- en overgewicht uitgedrukt met de Quetelet Index (QI). Vier van de tien volwassen Nederlanders hebben een QI van 25 of hoger en zijn dus te zwaar. Van ernstig overgewicht – uitgedrukt met een QI van 30 of meer – heeft 8% last.

Met name in de leeftijdsgroep 65-74 jaar is het percentage personen met overgewicht relatief hoog. Van deze ouderen heeft 57% een QI van 25 of meer.

Sedert 1981 is het percentage volwassenen met ernstig overgewicht – dus een QI van 30 of meer – met gemiddeld 0,2 procentpunt per jaar gestegen.

In het algemeen hebben naar verhouding meer lager dan hoger opgeleiden last van (ernstig) overgewicht.

Overgewicht van Nederlanders naar hoogst voltooide opleiding, 1997 (personen van 20 jaar en ouder)

How long the Netherlands is the tallest people in the world?

    quote: The Dutch are the tallest people in the world, but for how long? Research shows that the average length of Dutch the last 13 years has not increased and that is exceptional. The last 160 years has not happened before.

Dutch longer and heavier

The adult resident of the Netherlands is on average 173.5 cm long. Adult men are on average 180 cm long, 13 cm longer than adult women.

Higher education are on average longer than less educated. The difference between the lowest and highest educational level is nearly 7 cm. This is partly due to the fact men and young people in general better educated than women and the elderly. If taken into account, differences in the lowest and highest education still 3 cm in body length.



 Dutch data:
De volwassen inwoner van Nederland is gemiddeld 173,5 cm lang. Volwassen mannen zijn gemiddeld 180 cm lang, 13 cm langer dan volwassen vrouwen.

English translation:
[b]The adult resident of the Netherlands is on average 173.5 cm long. Adult men are on average 180 cm long, 13 cm longer than adult women.[/b]

Which is still shorter than the DInka studies..


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Evolution, brain size, and the national IQ of peoples ... - Jelte Wicherts 2010

Why national IQs do not support evolutionary theories of intelligence - WIcherts, Borsboom and Dolan 2010
Personality and Individual Differences 48 (2010) 91-96
----------------------------- -------------

Are intelligence tests measurement invariant over time? by JM Wicherts - ?2004
 --Dolan, Wicherts et al 2004. Investigating the nature of the Flynn effect. Intelligence 32 (2004) 509-537

---------------- -------


Race and other misadventures: essays in honor of Ashley Montagu... By Larry T. Reynolds, Leonard Lieberman

Race and intelligence: separating science from myth. By Jefferson M. Fish. Routledge 2002. See Templeton's detailed article referenced above also inside the book
---------------- -------

Oubre, A (2011) Race Genes and Ability: Rethinking Ethnic Differences, vol 1 and 2. BTI Press
For summary see:
---------------- -------


--S OY Keita, R A Kittles, et al. "Conceptualizing human variation," Nature Genetics 36, S17 - S20 (2004)

--S.O.Y. Keita and Rick Kittles. (1997) *The Persistence ofRacial Thinking and the Myth of Racial Divergence. AJPA, 99:3
---------------- -------

Alan Templeton. "The Genetic and Evolutionary significnce oF Human Races." pp 31-56. IN: J. FiSh (2002) Race and Intelligence: Separating scinnce from myth.

 J. FiSh (2002) Race and Intelligence: Separating science from myth.


-------------------------------- ---------------------

Oubre, A (2011) Race Genes and Ability: Rethinking Ethnic Differences, vol 1 and 2. BTI Press

Krimsky, S, Sloan.K (2011) Race and the Genetic Revolution: Science, Myth, and Culture

Wicherts and Johnson, 2009. Group differences in the heritability of items and test scores

--Joseph Graves, 2006. What We Know and What We Don’t Know: Human Genetic Variation and the Social Construction of Race

J. Kahn (2013) How a Drug Becomes "Ethnic" - Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law and Ethics, v4:1

------------------------------------ -----------------

HBD debunked - Debunking hypocritical hereditarianism and "human biodiversity" 'role models'

What happens when 'hereditarianism' and 'biodiversity' notions are applied CONSISTENTLY across the board?

Disclaimer: This page addresses and debunks certain racist, biased and/or anti-Semitic writings and scholars, and of necessity must repeat a number of their arguments, and discuss the methodology of said scholars and writers for proper rebuttal. These writers cloak their work in a veneer of scientific objectivity, hence a detailed examination is necessary. This discussion is not to be construed as "endorsement" of such scholars or their writings, in any way.


"Well, here they are; and one could ask for no better illustration of the thesis that those on the left-hand side of the bell curve are much more in need of simple, clear rules of morality than are the cognitive elites who run their society. "

-- Author John Derbyshire, 2000, on low IQ of the less virtuous.

So says racialist former National review writer John Derbyshire. He is partially right, but conveniently, (and hypocritically) misses the OTHER side of the equation here. It is not only people on the left hand side of the Bell Curve that need simple, clear rules of morality, but those on his touted right hand side as well. This is one of the fundamental weaknesses of Derbyshire and his "bio-diversity" ilk - their worship of IQ, and their hypocritical calculus of virtue based on the almighty IQ.

The intent of this page is not to bash any ethnic group or individual, but to apply the methods of Derbyshire, JP Rushton, M. Levin, et al across the board, something he and others shirk doing. What happens when biased 'hereditarianism' and 'biodiversity' notions are applied CONSISTENTLY across the board, and put to the test? What happens to bold claims of virtue and goodness then? Let us ask:

 According to various biodiversity proponents, genocide
or mass murder is not "really" violence or crime..

1--What side of the Bell Curve has produced the most vicious violence in human history, such as the mass murders of the Holocaust? You got it- supposedly more pure, more virtuous people on the "right" side of the Bell Curve. While making up only about one-third of the world's population, Europeans have perpetrated around 90% of the world's genocides. On a more routine violence tally, body count "parity" is not far behind as shown in the killing fields of Cambodia that "cleansed" about one-fourth of the country's population.Asiatics racked up a body count of 60 or so million murdered or starved by "the thought of Chairman Mao", as well as the older depredations of Ghengis Khan and his descendants in more ancient time. In the modern higher IQ era, cold climate Caucasoid "role model" Josef Stalin and followers posted an additional body count of 20 million or so, a shining example for all time by those allegedly possessing Derbyshire's "higher" sense of morality. In terms of the crime of genocide, assorted "biodiversity" and "racial reality" types attempt to avoid uncomfortable reality by claiming that genocide is not a crime. But in fact it is, and has been so recognized by almost every major Western nation and international law since 1948, under a conservative definition that specifically excludes mere political violence. It was European nations that established the definition. It is thus hilarious to see how European race proponents attempt to wriggle away from the bloody facts on the ground, perpetrated by Europeans, even allowing for the most conservative definition.

[b]A number of racist "biodiversity types attempt to cover up the record so it does not appear so bad by "converting" the vicious mass murderer rates of white "role models" to "daily" death rates. See, when you break down the number of mass murders to bodies killed per day, things don't look so bad! Problem whitwashed away and solved![/b] [i]

Unfortuntely for them, the bogus "daily murder rate conversion" ploy does not conceal the ugly facts. Trying to downplay Jewish Holocaust deaths by converting them to a "daily death rate" going back to 1933 is ludicrous sleight of hand. For one thing the mass killings known as the Holocaust did not begin in 1933 as credible historians show. It began in December 1941, giving the Nazis 3,5 years of good killing work or approximately 1300 days. Let's look at an actual scholarly book rather than doctored Wikipedia "stealth" text and references. As one credible scholarly source notes:

[i]"In autumn 1941, the first German Jews to be deported at the spearhead of the combing out process of European Jewery was dispatched to the Warthegau. The possibility of liquidating ghettoised Jews had by then been explicitly raised for the first time, in the summer of 1941, significantly by Nazi leaders in Warthegau. The first mobile gassing units to be deployed against Jews operated in the Warthegau in the closing months of 1941. And the systematic murder of the Jews began in early December 1941 in the first extermination- actually a 'gas van station' - established at CHelmno on the Ner..." [/i]
FROM: Ian Kershaw. 2008. Hitler, the Germans, and the Final Solution. p 60

[b]And its not only 6 million Jews but another 5 million Poles, Slavs, prisoners of war and other "sub-humans" [/b]who were systematically murdered. 11 million murdered souls over 3.5 years or 1300 days gives an impressive 8,461 bodies per day. And the systematic Holodomor and collectivization engineered by Stalin impacted wide swathes of Russia. Credible estimates put the toll over the Soviet Union at 10 million during just one year -1932/33 (Wädekin et al. 1982. Agrarian Policies in Communist Europe. pg 16) and this does not count other millions from mass deportations and executions) --working out to approximately 27,397 per day murdered in just that year. "converting" murder rates to "daily" stats cannot hide the horror, nor will such sleight of hand make the record of "role models" more palatable. 27,000 murdered per day far exceeds anything else in human history. NO amount of white "HBD" "daily conversion" or doctored Holocaust "start" dates can alter this reality.

And that reality is ugly. But see, among the "HBD" faithful it onveniently is downplayed in favor of the usual black-bashing. But lets take a look at what is being left out as to the activities of supposed high IQ "role models:" QUOTE:

"The people were still standing like columns of stone with no room to fall or lean. Even in death you could tell the families, all holding hands. It was difficult to separate them while emptying the room for the next batch. The bodies were tossed out, blue, wet with sweat and urine, the legs smeared with excrement and menstrual blood. Two dozen workers were busy checking mouths they opened with iron hooks.. dentists knocked out gold teeth, bridges and crowns with hammers." 
-- Dan Cohn-Sherbok. 2008. God and the Holocaust. p.8

Concerned to hide their monstrous crimes, but still turn a profit, the murder machinery decided to dig up slaughtered Jews in mass graves and burn their bodies, but before that, gold teeth and rings were to be extracted from the heads and fingers of the dead: QUOTE:

".. at the Janowska death pits in Lvov hundreds of Jewish labourers were forced to dig up those who had been murdered and extract gold teeth and rings from the fingers of the dead. As a witness recounted: 'The fire crackles and sizzles Some of the bodies in the fire have had their hands extended. It looks as if they are pleading to be taken out. Many bodies are lying with open mouths. Could they be trying to say: ;we are your own mothers, fathers, who raised you and took care of you. Now you are burning us.' " -- Dan Cohn-Sherbok. 2008. God and the Holocaust. p.11 Murderous efficiency "He called the method of mass killing he invented Sardinenpackung. As Meier describes, it involved forcing victims to lie together face down and side and side and killing them with Genickschussen, then forcing the next group of victims who preceded them to form another layer, ignoring the victims; terror and horror in the interest of efficiently filling up the killing pit. Jeckeln's despicably cruel execution protocols destroys SS claims, during and after the warm that its executions were 'correct' military-style executions of partisans. Himmler's goal was mass murder.. By the end of August 1941, commanding the Kommandostab SS First Brigade in the western Ukraine, Jeckeln had personally supervised the murder of more than 44,000 human beings, the largest total of Jews murdered by any of Himmler's virulent legions that month."
-- Richard Rhodes. Masters of Death: The Ss-Einsatzgruppen .. 2002

"I went out to the woods alone. The Wehrmacht had already dug a grave. The children were brought along in a tractor-drawn wagon. I had nothing to do with this technical procedure. The Ukrainians were standing round trembling. The children were taken down from the tractor. They were lined up along the top of the grave and shot so that they fell into it. The Ukrainians did not aim at any particular part of the body. They fell into the grave. The wailing was indescribable. I shall never forget the scene throughout my life. I find it very hard to bear. I particularly remember a small fair-haired girl who took me by the hand. She too was shot later.. The grave was near some woods. IT was not near the firing range. The execution must have taken place in the afternoon at about three-thirty or four.. Many children were hit four or five times before they died."
-- Richard Rhodes. Masters of Death: The SS-Einsatzgruppen .. 2002 p. 135

It was in 1941 that the Germans overran large parts of the Slav territory and began to take many Soviet prisoners. Mass slaughter, civilian cleansing massacres and deportation started later that year. Soviet prisoners and civilians were treated differently from Western prisoners and targeted racially due to their
"Mongoloid tainted" heritage, and Slav background. Bohdan Wytwycky in "The Other Holocaust" and Richard Lukas in "The Forgotten Holocaust: Poles under German Rule" point out that the 3 million Polish civilian deaths and the 14 to 19 million Russian civilian deaths were-QUOTE:

[i]"a direct result of Nazi contempt for the 'subhuman Slavs. They note that the 'racially valuable' peoples of Western European countries were not treated nearly as badly. Moreover Nazi plans for the ethnic cleansing and German colonization of Poland and parts of the Soviet Union suggest that a victorious Germany might well have raised the level of genocide against the civilian populations of those areas to even more appalling
proportions." [/i]

--Niewyk and Nicosia 2000. Columbia Guide to the Holocaust

[i]"Of the estimated 7,000 men and 200 women guards who served at Auschwitz during the war, only 800 were ever prosecuted. The rest merely disappeared into private life, and very many must have been able to escape with valuables stolen from inmates.. Despicably, Polish villagers even killed some Jews after the end of the war in Europe when they returned to reclaim their property, as happened at the village of Jedwabne."[/i]
--SEE: The Storm of War: A New History of the Second World War. By Andrew Roberts. 2009

"Ordinary men" of the killing battalions celebrate their work.. circa 1942

[b]The little known "Order Police" Battalions, made up of ordinary German ffarmers, cooks, bakers, tradesmen etc were integral players in the mass murder of the Holocaust, and carroied out their killing work with zest, even inviting wives and girlfriends to witness the murder of adults and children. Despite numerous opportunities to opt out of such work, hard data shows most chose not to do so, and killed willingly, even zealously.[/b]

"..the role of the Order Police in the `Final Solution'. The study of this little known group of killers was pioneered a few years ago by Christopher Browning... Reserve Police Battalion 101 was by no means unusual when it was presented by its commanding officer with an offer not to kill. Indeed, research being conducted by the reviewer suggests that officers exercised a great deal of their own leeway in the carrying out of their orders (even if the order was explicit)... there were a significant number of men who were offered the chance not to kill Jews but who then chose to do so. Far beyond a mere account of the many actions that the men of the Order Police perpetrated (some of whom had their wives present during the actions), Goldhagen has drawn a picture of the lives of the men during their auswärtiger Einsatz: men who `went to night spots and bars, drank, sang, had sex, and talked. Like all people, they had opinions about the character of their lives and what they were doing' (p. 187). Previous research and my own study confirms this picture of men who enjoyed themselves knowing full well that they had and would commit further massacres in the name of the German people."
--Richard Tidyman, War Crimes Archivist at the Centre for Comparative Genocide Studies, Macquarie University, Sydney.

"Beginning in mid-July 1942 with the round-up of Jews in the town of Jozefow near Bilgoraj, members of Police Battalion 101 were utilized for the mass shooting of Jewish civilians in towns throughout the Lublin district. These included (in addition to Jozefow) Lomazy (August 1942), Miedzyrzec (August 1942), Serokomla (September 1942), Kock (September 1942), Parczew (October 1942), Konskowola (October 1942), Miedzyrzec (a second action in October 1942) and Lukow (November 1942). 

Police Battalion 101's participation in the Final Solution culminated in the Erntefest [Harvest Festival] massacre of November 3-4, 1943. In the course of this killing action, perhaps the largest directed against Jews of the entire war, an estimated 42,000 Jewish prisoners at the Lublin district concentration camps of Majdanek, Trawniki and Poniatowa were wiped out. It is estimated that during the period between July 1942 and November 1943, Police Battalion 101 was alone responsible for the shooting deaths of more than 38,000 Jews and the deportation of 45,000 others... 

Almost all battalion members survived the collapse of the Third Reich and returned safely to Germany. In the immediate postwar period only four members of the unit suffered legal consequences for their actions in Poland. These policemen, who were arrested for their part in the killing of 78 Poles in the town of Talcyn, were extradited to Poland in 1947 and tried the following year. Two were sentenced to death and two to prison. It was not until 1962, however, that Reserve Police Battalion 101 as a whole came under investigation and legal prosecution by the Office of the State Prosecutor in Hamburg. In 1967 fourteen members of the unit were put on trial. Though most were convicted, only five received prison terms (ranging from five to eight years), which were subsequently reduced in the course of a lengthy appeals process."

: Browning, Christopher R., Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland, New York, Harper Collins, 1992, pp.xv-xvii; 3-9; 38-71; 88-114; 133-146; 191-192.

Efficient high IQ "role models" at work: quote:
"The idea was for the victim's chest to be thrust out so that the cardiac area was maximally accessible for the lethal injection, and for him or her to be unable to see what was happening....The person giving the injection--most often the SDG Josef Klehr--filled his syringe from the bottle and then thrust the needle directly into the heart of the seated prisoner and emptied the contents of the syringe. Thus, an average of two minutes and 22 seconds sufficed to murder one prisoner."
-- Lifton, Robert Jay, The Nazi Doctors, 1986

Widespread rapes of even Soviet women by Soviet soldiers:
[i]"Researchers of the Russian archives and German hospital archives gave an estimate of about one million German woman raped in Berlin and its surrounding areas, and two million German women in the eastern parts of Germany (Weidner 2008- Treibutgut des Krieges: Zeugnisse von Flucht und Vertreibung der Deutschen, Kassel: Volksbund Duetscher Kriegsgraeberfuersorg e.V.))." [/i]
--FROM: The Will to Live 2010. By Erika Vora

[i]"Beria and Stalin in Moscow knew perfectly well what  was going on. In one report they were told that 'many Germans declare that all German women in East Prussia who stayed behind were raped by Red Army soldiers'. Numerous examples of gang rape were given - 'girls under eighteen and old women included'. In fact victims could be as young as twelve years old.'"

"..women and girls released from slave labour in Germany.  Many of the girls were as young as sixteen when taken to the Reich; some were just fourteen. The widespread raping of women taken forcibly from the Soviet Union completely undermines any attempts at justifying Red Army behaviour on the grounds of revenge for German brutality in the Soviet Union. [/i]

-- Antony Beevor. 2003. The Fall of Berlin: 1945

Putative "role models" show high rates of violence. It just depends on the era studied.
As regards the 2011 black homicide rate, 17.51 per 100,000 is high, but often surpassed by whites- it just depends on the time period you want to study. The supposedly more self-restrained Dutch of Amsterdam posted a whopping 47 per 100,000 in the 16th century, higher than any rate ever recorded for New York City, Irish and all. (Epstein and Gang 2010. Migration and Culture, Vol 8) In Maryland the rate at which unrelated European adults killed was 29 per 100,000 adults per year in the mid 1600s. In white Virginia it was 37 per 100,000. The supposedly more virtuous Yankee peoples in colonial America in the Chesapeake posted a rate of 12 per 100,000.

In some decades of the 1800s, white San Francisco posted rates well above 17.5. Even allegedly milder white Oregon posted a rate around 30 per 100,000. (Randolph Roth- Homicide Rates in the American West) Using modern FBI formulas, mostly white Los Angeles County in the 19th century ran up a body count of about 414 homicides per 100,000. (McKanna 2002. Race and Homicide in 19th Century California). Nor is the West unique. Studies show the heavily white Scotch-Irish Kentucky-Tennessee borderlands posting a rate of 24 per 100,000 starting in the 1850s. ( –Randolph Roth, 2009. American Homicide). In a study of homicides in white Russia, it was found that in 1998, the homicide victimization rate was 23.9 per 100,000. The 1999 homicide figures were substantially up over those for 1998.” –Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment, Vol 1. 2002 (David Levinson ed) p. 1426.

Testosterone - the long sought "smoking gun" of genetic "inferiority"?
A related tactic used by "hereditarian" types is the search for some sort of "biological" or "genetic" reason to explain violence in the lesser breeds. Testosterone is a favorite, but what they conveniently skip over are the examples above. Yes SOME studies show higher levels of testosterone in some blacks. Aha- here it is, the long sought after "smoking gun" proving 'cullud' genetic proclivities. Really? Well, using the same studies, how come white people, with their LOWER levels of testosterone commit the most vicious violence in human history, as documented above? HBDers conveniently disappear or change the subject when that is pointed out.
But aside from such white or Asian "hereditarian" hypocrisy, testosterone or any of the other desperately sought "smoking guns" or genetic "inferiority" are hardly the most significant factors in the mix of elements that have produced the black dysfunctions of today as regards marriage and family. Indeed there are a wide range of environmental factors at play that cause violence, and several studies show that testosterone, is at best, an indirect element. For example, some studies show that individuals who had previous fighting knowledge continue to be aggressive AFTER testosterone levels are REDUCED. (L. Finley, Encyc of Juv Violence, 2006) The continued use of the "testosterone factor" as some sort of negative "marker" on black people is not only misguided but an example of naively mistaking correlation with causation. Furthermore HBD claims in this area are plain misleading. Some studies show aggression associated with LOW testosterone levels, when certain other medical conditions are involved. Even more damming, numerous other researchers have FAILED to replicate the claimed testosterone-violence link, whether in juvenile or adult populations (Alvarez and Bachman 2007). In fact the literature on the field is very mixed on the issue. (Violence: the enduring problem. By Alex Alvarez, Ronet Bachman. 2007) Quote from a standard textbook: "In fact, empirical research shows little if any direct linkage between testosterone and physical aggressiveness." (Walsh and Beaver, 2008, Biosocial crimnology). So much for the "smoking gun"..

Which side of the Bell Curve leads in horiffic "spree" shootings and massacres of children? - a few examples..

26 killed- mostly little children- Sandy Hook Elementary School- Newton Masschusetts- 2012.

12 Killed- July 2012 Twelve people were killed and nearly 60 others wounded during a midnight showing on Friday of "The Dark Knight Rises." - JUly 2012 Police identified the suspect as James Holmes, 24, who is in custody.

77 killed in Oslo -- July 22, 2011:

Confessed mass killer Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 in Norway in twin attacks: a bombing in downtown Oslo and a shooting massacre at a youth camp outside the capital. The self-styled anti-Muslim militant admitted both attacks.


16 killed in Erfurt, Germany -- April 26, 2002:

Robert Steinhaeuser, 19, who had been expelled from school killed 13 teachers, two former classmates and a policeman, before committing suicide. ----------------------------------------------------------------

13 killed at Littleton, Colo. -- April 20, 1999:

Students Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, opened fire at Columbine High School, killing 12 classmates and a teacher and wounding 26 others before killing themselves in the school's library.

and many more..

Note: These examples are meant to turn racists own reasoning back on them- not "endorse" said reasoning. What happens when their own logic is applied to would be "role models of perfection? Hereditarian hypocrites are so quick to attribute black ghetto shootings to "evolution" or "low IQ", how come they conveniently skip over the :leadership" of northern European "role models" in "spree" killings, including the mass murder of children as in Newton and Oslo? Just askin.. You see, for many, it is OK to bash blacks, but how come the same reasoning is conveniently, never applied to putative northern European "role models" who pose as so much better and more virtuous than black people?

2--What side of the curve is leading the charge to redefine and destroy traditional marriage? You got it- the supposedly more virtuous folk on the "right" side. It took people on the left side- the "NAMs" to preserve traditional marriage in California, USA. Whites were willing to undermine it, and continue to do so nationwide. Derbyshire and other HBDers are always lecturing black folk on monogamy, conveniently skirting the fact that whites themselves are fast undermining and destroying monogamy.

A related claim advanced by biodiversity proponents is the absence of monogamy among Africans until "outside" influences like European colonialism brought it. But this is nonsense. Polygamy was more common in Africa than in Europe, but monogamy also has a long history in Africa even before Africans were forciblly transported to the US, and before any significant influence from Europe. Of the 31 captives of the famous Amistad slave ship for example, 15 were married, and only 1 was polygamous, and monogamy is common in various parts of Africa. See Slavery in North Carolina, 1748-1775. by Marvin L. Michael Kay, Lorin Lee Cary- pg 160. Some HBDers also tout "Middle easterners" and Asians as "role models" on this score but in fact, Asia has had polygamy for a long time parallel with monogamy, along with things like multiple concubinage, practiced in China. And it was not until 1945 that polygamy was finally abolished in Japan.

And people like Jews practiced polygamy for centuries as documented in the Bible and anthropological studies. For Arabs and those who follow Islam, polygamy is permissible even today. Indeed while monogamy has been more dominant in Europe, polygamy has always been around until very recent times. Indeed, one of the things Christianity did for Europe was to stamp out and discourage polygamy. Ironically, there is also a long tradition of polygamy in white Christianity (see After polygamy was made a sin: the social history of Christian polygamy- By John Cairncross), and polygamy is documented as common in white Russia in various eras. Ironically Christianity itself, based on the religion of a Semitic people from the sub-tropical Middle East, not cold climate areas, was adopted in white Europe, and thus provided the "rules of morality" that helped suppress polygamy (among other things) by Europeans in many regions as Cairncross notes. In the modern era, the revolving door divorce cycle of many modern whites closely approaches patterns of polygamy.

A related claim is of an era of idyllic white virtue and goodness during the 1970s, a temporary time of paradise, before disreputable "minorities" moved in to spoil things. Alas this claim too, in its many variants, both hard and soft, is bogus. The supposed "idyllic serenity" may have existed in SOME white areas, but within that haze of supposed sweetness and light, white America was rapidly degenerating in the 1970s, a continuation of trends from the 1960s, long before any real "integration" of the suburbs by blacks. White America saw rising divorce rates, rising drug use, rising out of wedlock births, rising feminism, rising homosexuality, etc. All this is well documented by historians in books such as Bruce J. Schulman's 2002 "The seventies: the great shift in American culture, society.." Furthermore the driving forces behind such changes were whites themselves. Black "militancy" or crime for example has little to do with why rising numbers of whites decided to divorce in the 1970s for example, hastening the breakdown of white family structure, whatever the psychic satisfactions of using the black "Other" as a convenient scapegoat.

3--What side of the Bell Curve leads in abortions?
Many HBDers would automatically point the finger at those perennial scapegoats - the black and brown "NAMs" but they carefully avoid the real story. The highest rates of abortion in the world are among white women in Russia, where 2 babies are killed for each live birth according to scholars Loveless and Holman (2007). (Loveless and Holman 2007. The Family in the New Millennium).

Despite a significant reduction in the abortion to birth ratio since the mid-1990s, the countries of the former Soviet Union maintain the highest rate of abortions in the world. In 2001, 1.31 million children were born in Russia, while 2.11 million abortions were performed. In 2005, 1.6 million abortions were registered in Russia; 20% of these involved girls under the age of 18.Official statistics put the number at 989,000 in 2011,though Russian pro-life activists say that number is much higher.As of 2010, the abortion rate was 37.4 abortions per 1000 women aged 15-44 years, the highest of any country reported in UN data. Abortion statistics were considered state secrets in the Soviet Union until the end of the 1980s. During this period, the USSR had one of the highest abortion rates in the world. The abortion rate in the USSR peaked in the mid 1960s, when between 5 to 7 million abortions were performed. Eastern Europeans kill children via abortions at the highest rates in the world.
Sources: Wites, Tomasz. "Abortions in Russia Before and After the Fall of the Soviet Union." Miscellanea Geographica. 11 (2004): 217-28; World Abortion Policies 2013". United Nations. 2013)

The website below offers a similar dismal picture, showing that 60% or more of white Russian women have abortions. Derbyshire and his ilk are quick to trot out "genetic deficiency" explanations on this score where black folk are concerned, but hypocritically, start to hem and haw when their touted more virtuous whites post statistics even worse than blacks. You suddenly hear a mysterious silence then. They never consistently apply their own biased methods to whites, and say that white "genetic deficiencies" cause such outcomes.


4--What side of the Bell Curve leads in homosexuality, including its public celebration and embrace?
The allegedly more virtuous, "right" side of the Bell Curve folk. Some studies (Rogers and Turner 1991) report higher rates of homosexual activity among whites than blacks. Remafedi, Resnic Blum and Harris (1992) also find same sex attraction some 3 times higher in Whites than Blacks. Yet another study confirms white leadership in homosexuality. A National AIDS Behavioral Survey study (NABS), reported by Binson et al (1995) shows that 9.1% of white men, 3.1% of Black men, 2.7 percent of Hispanic men, and 2.3 percent of Asian/other had had same-sex action. In essence whites were 3 times more likely than blacks to be engaging in homosexual acts. Indeed, the NABS study oversampled Black and Hispanic men but still showed higher rates of white activity. In another study based on vascular risk factors Krieger and Sidney (1997) reported white women and men were more likely to have had homosexual or bisexual contact than either black men or black women. In essence whites were twice as likely to be engaged in homosexual behavior than blacks. Here again, the supposedly more virtuous, mo betta "right" side of the Bell Curve produces dismal "leadership" on the moral front.

"Heriditarian" types often use IQ scores to disparage the morality of putative lesser breeds, but such IQ scores show correlation with homosexuality, according to some research. Indeed according to some studies, homosexuals post higher IQs than straights. (John P. De Cecco, Michael G. Shively (1984) Bisexual and homosexual identities: critical theoretical issues. Routledge). Alan Soble (1997) Sex, love, and friendship: studies of the Society for the Philosophy of Sex. Rodopi. pp. 77) lists several studies attesting to higher homosexual IQs, with most of the subjects in said studies being white. (See also James Weinrich, (1976). Human Reproductive Strategy. HARVARD UNIVERSITY DISSERTATION.  p. 203-15).

HBD heriditarian author Kanazawa also finds homosexuals to have higher IQ. Per Kanazawa- Quote:
"The Savanna-IQ Interaction Hypothesis, derived from the Savanna Principle and a theory of the evolution of general intelligence, suggests that more intelligent individuals are more likely to acquire and espouse evolutionarily novel preferences and values than less intelligent individuals, but general intelligence has no effect on the acquisition and espousal of evolutionarily familiar preferences and values. Ethnographies of traditional societies suggest that exclusively homosexual behaviour was probably rare in the ancestral environment, so the Hypothesis would predict that more intelligent individuals are more likely to identify themselves as homosexual and engage in homosexual behaviour. Analyses of three large, nationally representative samples (two of which are prospectively longitudinal) from two different nations confirm the prediction."
-- --Kanazawa, Satoshi. 2012. INTELLIGENCE AND HOMOSEXUALITY. Journal of Biosocial Science, 2012, Vol.44(5), pp.595-623

Since IQ is so important in so many ways, including evolution, according to Derbyshire and assorted HBDers, a cynic using their logic might well argue that homosexuality represents another, "higher" step in white evolution. As noted above, there is some evidence that whites have higher rates of homosexual behavior and attraction than blacks. Hence, using heriditarian logic, homosexuality and the attendant higher IQs might represent an "evolutionary" advance of white people.

Northern European "role models" show extensive homosexual activity stretching back to ancient times as scholars note. Cold-climate Eastern Europeans not far behind.
"The fourth-century A.D. Roman writer Ammianus Marcellinus described homosexual relationships between youth and adult warriors among the Taifali, a Germanic tribe related to the Goths.. Marcellinus became familiar with the Taifali when he was posted as a soldier in the region. Their youth, Marcellinus write, remained in these homosexual relationships until they became adults and had killed a boar or bear, a typical initiatory ordeal. Similar homosexual customs were described by the Roman historian Procopius in the sixth century A.D. among another German tribe, the Heruli.. homosexuality in the form of institutionalized pederasty of the sort described by Ammianis Marcellinus and Procopius is understood to have been the rule within the Germanic warrior societies.

Remarkably similar societies of unmarried warriors existed in Norse and Celtic society. The members of the Norse warrior societies also dedicated themselves to their god, Odin, dressed likewise in skins of wolves or bears and were said to fight with the furor f one possessed of the spirits of those animals.. Like the Germanic peoples, Celtic society was ruled by a warrior aristocracy supported by a farming peasantry.. While references by classical writers to homosexual relationship between Celtic warriors and youth are not detailed enough to be able to establish an initiatory construct, the pederastic relations that they described would almost certainly have occurred within the fianna, the principal social venue of the Celtic warriors. Indeed, given the close similarity of Celtic and Germanic tribal customs, and the well documented esteem of the Celts for male homosexuality, it would have been odd if the Celts did not practice a similar type of initiatory homosexuality.

The ancient writers leave no doubt as to the Celtic warriors; enthusiasm for homosexuality in general. According to Aristotle, the Celts held homosexuality in high esteem and publicly honored homosexual relations. Diodorus writes that despite the charm of Celtic women, the Celtic men: "long instead for the embrace of one of their own sex, lying on animal skins and tumbling around with a lover on either side. It is particularly surprising that they attach no value to either dignity or decency, offering their bodies to each other without further ado. This was not regarded as at all harmful: on the contrary, if they were rejected in their approaches, they felt insulted." Celtic youth evidently shared the attitudes of their elders. The Greek writer Strabo, described the young Celts of Gaul as "shamelessly generous with their boyish charms."

"..The lack if sexual inhibitions that the Celtic warriors displayed towards each other amid such an atmosphere of masculine eroticism suggests that homosexuality was not limited to pederastic relations, and that love between comrades was also a part of Celtic warrior life. In fact, it is warriors, not youth, whom Diodorus describes as "offering their bodies to each other without further ado." Such a relationship between warrior peers even appears in an Irish Celtic saga of the late first millennium."

--Neill, James (2009). The origins and role of same-sex relations in human societies. Mcfarland: pp 120-131

Data on other ancient Caucasoid peoples, supposed Indo-European "role models," reveals a unified pattern of homosexual behavior. In ancient Greece homosexuality played an important role.
"While little is known of the sexual practices of the Kassites, Hyksos or Aryans, that is not the case with the Greeks. The extent of the prevalence and social importance of homosexual behavior among the ancient Greeks is so thoroughly documented that it is possible to get a clear picture not only of the character of homosexual relationships in Greeks society, but the important role homosexuality played in that society.. the fragmentary glimpses we have of homosexual behavior among the other Indo-European peoples can be recognized as revealing a unified pattern of sexual customs and beliefs that seems to have prevailed among all the Indo-European ancestors of modern Europeans."
--Neill, James (2009). The origins and role of same-sex relations in human societies. Mcfarland:

[b]Pedophilia and homosexuality was common among the Spartans. Wives and male lovers were shared between Spartan men. Pederasty or use of youth for homosexual purposes was well established among the Spartans, Greeks and Cretans.[/b]

[quotes from various scholars:]
"..young boys between the ages of 6 and 16 were organized in 'packs' and 'herds' and placed under the supervision of young adult Spartans. This supervision was sometimes seen as surrogate fathering and one marker of its activity ".. was the instutionalization of pederasty. After the age of twelve, each Spartan teenager was expected to receive a young adult warrior as his lover.. Punishment for various infractions such as suffering silently under discipline was sometimes made on the youth's older lover, for having failed to educate his beloved properly."
--From: The Spartans: the world of the warrior-heroes of ancient Greece, from utopia to crisis and collapse
Paul Cartledge, Overlook Press, 69-70

"Aspects of Spartan society conduced less to heterosexuality than to homosexuality. In his Laws, Plato wrote that homosexuality resulted from the (male) dining groups and from male nudity in gymnasia. Records of Sparta from the classical period seem to refer to homosexual boyfriends at least as often as to wives. particularly revealing, are some assertions by Xenophon on this subject."
--From: Sparta By Michael Whitby. 2002. Taylor and Francis: p. 93

"Sparta too institutionalized homosexual relations between mature men and adolescent boys, as well as between adult women and girls.. many aspects of Spartan homosexuality and marriage customs point to tribal origins. Participation was mandatory for all youth of good character. There were ordeals- a common feature of tribal initiation.. Even after marriage, men lived in men's houses, not with their wives. Wives and male lovers were shared with age-mates."
---From: The construction of homosexuality. David F. Greenberg. University of Chicago Press. 1990. p.107

[b]Both homosexuality and pedophilia were institutionalized among the Greeks per scholars:
[quotes from various scholars:][/b]

FROM: [i]Homosexuality in the ancient world - Page 80. Wayne R. Dynes, Stephen Donaldson - 1992 - [/i]

quotes from Dynes and Donaldson:
"In short, I have no doubt that the evidence of Xenophon and Plutarch is sufficient to establish the important conclusion that pederasty in Sparta was institutionalised." In the "Politics of Spartan Pederasty" in Homosexuality in the ancient world, pg 23, various documentation from the Spartan era ranges from rock-cut graffiti, to bronze figurines of decidedly masculine "girls", to depictions of anal copulation on drinking cups, to terracotta votive masks depicting unbearded 'Youth' and bearded adult 'Warriors' found in the sanctuary at Orthia.".

[b]Some historian argue that Greek homosexual activity had ritual significance in the form of the semen, being an agent representing martial excellence or prowess, imparted to the receiving male in the process of sodomy. The venue of the gymnasium also played a part.[/b]
quotes from Dynes and Donaldson:
"Next there is the point insisted upon by Plato's Athenian Laws (1.636b; cg. Theaer. 162b, 169ab), the role played by the gymnasia as hotbeds of homosexuality. The Spartans put a premium on gymnastic exercise, and if Thucydides (1.6.5) is to be believed, it was they who invented the customs of exercising stark naked and rubbing down with olive oil. In Sparta therefore the cult of the nude male body is likely to have been pushed to the extremes, as it is known to have been in other less gymnastic Greek cities.. None of these conditions favoring homosexuality is wholly peculiar to Spartan society, but their presence in combination suggests that the integration of institutionalised pederasty into the Agoge, whenever precisely it occurred, will at any rate, not have been awkward."
pg 27

[b]Yet others argue that the ties created by pederasty extended to the networks of influence and governance.[/b]
"Pederasty, in other words, could have acted at Spartan in the age of Xenophon, as it certainly did in fourth-century Crete, as a means of recruiting the political elite,"

[b]Young females were also used in Spartan society as part of homosexual relations.[/b]
"Plutarch relates that in Sparta, the noble women loved the girls. Also the academic philosopher Hagnon states: "Among the Spartans it was customary (viz for adult women) to have intercourse with girls before their marriage, as one did with boys."
pg 292

[b]Homosexuality was commonly recognized and accepted in Greece, and suggest a common pattern among Indo-European peoples. As one historian notes:[/b]
"One of the intriguing features of the Greeks is their active interest in homosexuality... Yet the adherents of this solution [a ritual of initiation] have not attempted an explanation pf this puzzling phenomenon and they have ignored the existence of Indo-European (henceforth: I-E) parallels." pg 49

pg 50:
"The bachelors had recourse to sodomy, a practice which was not reprobated but was actually a custom of the country- and a custom in the true sense, i.e., fully sanctioned by male society and universally practised."

[b]Some ancient Greek scholars held that the Persians learned homosexuality from the Greeks[/b]
".. we pass straight on to the Persians. Our sources are divided as to whether they practiced pederasty or not. The latter view will be the more probably one, since the Zoroastrian writings tome and again strongly forbade pederasty. It is perhaps indicative for this attitude that Agesilaos, although strongly in love with the son of high-ranking Persian, refrains from any physical contact. On the other hand, the son of Pharnabazus is enamoured of a Greek boy, and the recurrence of the prohibitions of pederasty suggests that the Persians did not succeed in stopping the practice. Such discrepancy between theory and practice could elucidate the remark of Herodotus that the Persians learned pederasty from the Greeks."
pg 282

Quotes from: [i]Homosexuality in the ancient world - Page 80. Wayne R. Dynes, Stephen Donaldson-1992 - [/i]

Historian Charles Freeman's "The Greek Achievement" (1999) holds that homosexuality had an influential place in some Greek institutions. According to Freeman: [quote]
".. "The symposia provided the arena for much of this sexual activity. These were highly ritualized affairs whose origins lay in the banqueting halls of aristocratic warriors. The men were garlanded and reclined one or two to a couch around a central table.. there is little evidence that symposia were normally used to discuss politics. Rather the opposite; the longest conversation in Plato's Symposium is about the nature of homosexual love."
(Freeman: pg 299, pg 283-304)

Other writers find similar patterns:
"Male homosexuality was also a prominent feature of Classical Athens. It was widely practiced and tolerated. Athenian law disenfranchised a citizen who had prostituted his body to another male, but nothing was done to males who engaged in homosexual love with male prostitutes or other adult males for love or pleasure. The law did not eliminated male prostitution but ensured that male prostitutes would be foreigners, not Athenian citizens."
-- Western Civilization: To 1500, Volume 1. Jackson J. Spielvogel. 2009. Cenage.

Note: ALL cultures have gay individuals and relationships, and some cultures worked out practical "live and let live" arrangements for them, yet some "hereditarian" and "Aryan" types applaud Nazi attempts to kill gays as a way of "purging" the race. They deny the existence of gays in ancient Europe, except as an anomaly brought about by corrupt "Semitic" influences. As the above examples show however, the actual truth is far different.

5--What side of the Bell Curve leads in high rates of child molestation? Yes- the supposedly "better folk" on the "right" hand side.

Whites post higher rates of child molestation than other groups according to scholars Hattery and Smith 2007, depending on the baselines measured, and said white child molesters serve LESS time for their crimes than black crack cocaine offenders, according to some studies. QUOTE:

'Furthermore, our analysis suggests that child molesters, who are primarily white men, serve shorter average sentences than crack offenders who are primarily African American men. Child molesters serve an average of 6 years and only 43% of their full sentences, whereas the average inmate serving a sentence for possession of crack serves 11 years and 80% of his or her sentence."
--(African American families, by Angela Hattery, Earl Smith, SAGE 2007. pp. 245)

and as one conservative police chief report states:

"Criminal profiling has a legitimate and successful history when applied to serial killers, rapists, hijackers, child molesters and arsonists. Ironically, some criminal profiles show a racial relationship between white males and serial killers, rapists, and child molesters."
(-- Carl Milazzo (1999) Race Relations in Police Operations: A Legal and Ethical Perspective. International Assn. of Chiefs of Police)

The police chief profiling report mentions several offenses, but when broken out separately, a pattern emerges of whites as over-represented among child molesters. Kirk (1975) found that black offenders were more likely to pick out adult females for sexual assault at a rate three times more than white offenders (34% and 11% respectively), compared to white offenders who selected non-adults more. Kirk's finding is supported by West and Templer's 1994 study of incarcerated sex offenders, which found that a disproportionate number of child molesters were white, compared to negro offenders.
(Kirk, S.A. (1975). The sex offenses of blacks and whites. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 4, 295-302)
(West, J and Templer D. (1994). Child molestation, rape and ethnicity. Psychological Reports, 75, 1326)


The heavy white pattern varies by state. For example, a 1998 study in Florida was carried out on molesters over a 21 month period. Of these 88.4% were white, versus 7.9% black. Around 1998, Florida's populations stood at 78% white, and 14.6% black (Bureau of the Census 2000). Whites were thus overrepresented among the child molesters relative to general population, (88% molesters versus 78% general population) versus blacks who were underrepresented 7.9% versus 14.6%) on molestation offenses.
-- Tingle, et al (1998) Childhood and Adolescent Characteristics of Pedophiles and Rapists.

An alternative point of comparison is to compare criminals to criminals - those actually in jail for crime - rather than non-offending persons in the general population. In the 1990s in Florida, whites made up less than 50% of the prison population.* Based on such patterns, whites are thus overrepresented as a proportion of those in jail. The same pattern repeats itself nationally. (*Data Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics, Prison and Jail Inmates at Midyear 1995 - State detail.)

The white pattern is also seen in some federal crime reports.
Per the website below- quote:

"According to the Survey of Inmates of State Correctional Facilities by the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics, the following statistics have been recorded concerning the characteristics of offenders who violate and assault children.

* Those inmates who were convicted of committing violent acts against children were more likely to have been white, a percentage of nearly 70%, than any other race.
* White inmates were nearly three times more likely to have victimized a child than black inmates."

Detailed data from Federal prison statistical reports also show the same pattern. Under the "Other sexual Assault" category, which is primarily child molestation, whites were six times more likely to go to state prison than Blacks and twice as likely to go to prison for such offenses than Hispanics. Under the category "Parole violators returned to State prison" whites were twice as likely to be returned to prison for the sexual offences than blacks.
--Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics. National Corrections Reporting Program, 1994.
NCRP9404 - New court commitments to State prison, 1994: Offense by sex, race and Hispanic origin
NCRP9405. Parole violators returned to State prison, 1994: Offense, by sex, race, and Hispanic origin

And in 1994 the white prison population was less than 50%, (48,21% per the Federal Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics- 1990) and yet whites made up 77% of all child molesters in prison, almost 30 percent more than their representation in the general prison population. Whites are thus overrepresented as child molesters in proportion to their incarceration rate.

Numerous "HBD" statistics do comparisons to "the general population" - but why always make comparisons to a pool that includes innocent 86 year old grandmothers, pregnant 24-year olds, or 3-year old children? Another equally valid alternative comparison is to compare criminals to criminals- and run the statistics that way. We are talking crime- hence let's run comparisons among the criminal population as well. Hence the 1994 data, and some of the other data above for incarcerated persons shows some interesting patterns that are carefully dodged and avoided by assorted "biodiversity" types.

In summary, while child molestation occurs in all ethnicities, available data show that higher IQ folk display unimpressive moral "leadership" on this score.

Note: No ethnic group is exempt from the above but "biodiversity" proponents continually tout cold climate and or northern European peoples, cold climate eastern Europeans and Asiatics as sterling evolutionary role models, superior in virtue to lesser breeds. A close examination of the actual data yields a much less flattering reality.


6-- What side of the Bell Curve leads in divorce rates nationally? The right side again. Within the top 10 of countries with the highest divorce rates in the world, most are reportedly high IQ Western nations- such as the US, Russia, the UK, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Finland. Note the pattern, the bulk of the high divorce countries are the higher IQ ones.


7- What side of the Bell Curve lectures often others on sexual morality but their own conduct in such areas as out-of-wedlock births is rather unimpressive? Yes, the "right" side again, the conduct of which has hardly been "virtuous." It is a fact that for decades prior to the 1960s, black folk in the US posted higher marriage rates and lower divorce rates than whites. Furthermore white OOW rates are hardly sterling. Among the supposedly more virtuous northern Europeans for example, like the white Irish, the OOW rate in some decades of the 19th century exceeded 50% in heavily Irish areas of settlement in cities like NYC, even though the Irish made up less than 26% of the population at the time (Sowell 1981, 1983).

Supposedly virtuous white "Nordic" Europeans are no better. In the 1850s, in Sweden's biggest city, Stockholm, for example, the illegitimacy rate was close to 50%. As Burns and Scott (1994) show, by the mid 19th century when reliable cross-national figures are widely available, it was found than in illegitimacy, (Stockholm (with a 46% rate in the 1850s) was second only to Vienna (49%) among European capitals. Indeed this trend was a continuation since the early 1800s. Nor was this solely a pattern for mid century 1800s. In ultra-white Sweden at the start of the 20th century, barely half of Swedish women married and around one-sixth of children were born out of wedlock. Nor was this solely an urban Stockholm phenomenon. High illegitimacy rates and declining marriage rates were also found in rural areas as well (A companion to nineteenth-century Europe, 1789-1914, By Stefan Berger, Wiley 2006.) By contrast, as late as 1950 the US black illegitimacy rate stood at 17%, well below that of the touted white Swedish "role models" above, and for 50 years, black marriage rates were higher than that of US whites (Sowell 2004- Black Rednecks, White Liberals), and better than the Swedish pattern over several decades. The black illegitimacy rate in 1965 was STILL lower than the 28% posted by US whites in 2000.

Closer into the 20th century, white Nordic "role models" are no paragons of virtue: By the year 2000, out of wedlock births in Nordic Sweden had reached 53% of all births- a steep rise from a mere 10% illegitimacy rate in mid century. (A population history of the United States By Herbert S. Klein, Cambridge University Press. 2004. p. 216) Nor are supposedly more virtuous white people of other "Nordic" nations any better. In the early 1980s illegitimacy rates were on the order of 45% in Iceland and Sweden and 40% in Denmark. (Report on Immigrant populations and demographic development in the member states of the Council of Europe. Rinus Penninx, Council of Europe. 1984.)

8-- What side of the Bell Curve is much less than advertised re allegedly superior virtue when scrutiny is applied? The right side. Indeed some of the supposed paragons of Bell Curve goodness, northern Europeans, or cold climate eastern Europeans are much less than advertised in terms of reputed virtue and morality.

Let us begin by looking at white Southerners in the USA- and let's give assorted "biodiversity" proponents the benefit of the doubt by not using "liberal" scholars- let's stick with conservative ones. What happens when even conservative scholars like Thomas Sowell look at the data? We see that native white southerners historically are among the most backward and violent people in the American population. According to Sowell, in his 2005 Black Rednecks and White Liberals, what many see as pathologies of contemporary black culture actually derive from a dysfunctional historical white-southern “cracker� culture.
"The cultural values and social patterns prevalent among Southern whites included an aversion to work, proneness to violence, neglect of education, sexual promiscuity, improvidence, drunkenness, lack of entrepreneurship, reckless searches for excitement, a lively music and dance, and a style of religious oratory marked by strident rhetoric, unbridled emotions, and flamboyant imagery. This oratorical style carried over into the political oratory of the region in both the Jim Crow era and the civil rights era, and has continued on into our own times among black politicians, preachers, and activists. Touchy pride, vanity, and boastful self-dramatization were also part of this redneck culture among people from regions of Britain where the civilization was the least developed.[25]"
Several scholars support Sowell’s observations. Grady McWhiney’s Cracker Culture (1988) is a thorough historical study of the values and behavioral patterns of white Southerners, and is backed by many other scholarly studies which have turned up very similar patterns even when they differed in some ways as to the causes. Scholar Hackett Fischer’s Albions Seed,(1989) for example, eschews the Celtic theory advanced by McWhiney, but shows many of the same cultural patterns for the whites, both in Britain and the American South.[26]

Nor can "evil papists" be blamed. Most whites who settled the south were Protestants. Now let's look at another northern European people- whom all are supposed to hail as paragons of cold-climate virtue - the white Irish. The Irish have long been marked by high levels of violence, substance abuse, promiscuity, anti-intellectualism, etc. In the crowded, fetid slums and streets of big cities such as New York or Boston, there was break down, In New York for example, some decades of the 19th century show white Irish illegitimacy rates as high as 50% even though the Irish made up less than 26% of the city's population. Likewise the fallout of the Industrial Revolution in white Britain included horrific poverty, dismal slums and widespread violence as the rural peasantry migrated to the dismal venues of the city.

Supposedly more "restrained" northern European "role models" have done pretty well as far as violence and criminality.

At various times and places the white violence rate was well ahead of the blacks. The white Irish for example posted arrest rates well above their population representation- 50% in some years of NYC compared to an Irish population of about 24% of the city. If the comparison is to the Irish as a proportion of the total population the disparity is even more shocking. More than 5 times as many Irish were convicted in court than among the native population. Back then the "law and order" problem, was essentially a white Irish problem. In Philadelphia in the 1860s and thru the mid 1870s the indictment rate for crimes for the white Irish was almost twice that of other groups, even though the Irish made up less that 20% of the city's people- posting an indictment rate of 4.7 per 100,000 compared to the citywide  average of 2.9 per 100,000. The murder rate among the white Irish exceeded that of blacks. In 1860 in Boston the white Irish accounted for 75% of arrestees and police detainees, though only making up about 40% of the population. Again if the comparison is to the Irish as a percentage of the national population the disparity looms wider. This pattern was all over where the Irish settled: from New York, to Philly, to Boston, to Chicago.

If violent Irish group riots are added on top of the above the picture is even grimmer. Leaving aside from the worse Irish riots in US history- the Draft Riots- Irish gangs actually grew in size and ferocity afterwards. Groups like the Dead Rabbits or the Bowery Boys fought for days, deploying thousands, and requiring the National Guard or the militia to suppress them. Indeed, allegedly more ":restrained" whites posted the bloodiest street violence in US History. As one history notes:
"The New York Draft Riot has gone down in history as one of the nation's bloodiest urban riots. Moreover, the behavior of the Irish during these fateful days and the racism they exhibited reinforced their reputation for violence." (Dolan, JP, The Irish Americans: A History. p. 49)

On the political scene, the Irish used thuggish violence and intimidation on a mass scale- with street riots, stabbings and shootings as squads of drunken Irishmen packing clubs, knives gun and razors went from precinct to precinct assaulting the opposition. Chicago was the scene of much of this election mayhem. People complain about intimidation by ACORN? ACORN ain't nothing really but a bunch of old ladies, compared to the Irish intimidation and murder squads of the past. (Source: Micahel Barone, 2001: The New Americans p 41-45)

On other measures of social propriety, assorted whites were no paragons. One survey of prostitutes in the 1800s in heavily Irish NYC for example "revealed that 35 percent were Irish and 12 percent German." The Irish also posted higher rates of female-headed families than other ethnic groups in the same time period. (Binder, F, and Reimers D. (1996) All the Nations Under Heaven: An Ethnic and Racial History of New York City. Columbia University Press.)

Much is made of comparisons to blacks and assorted European immigrants, but as the example of the Irish shows, blacks are not some unique, basket case. They suffered and show the same patterns that often accompany rural people being urbanized. As anyone who has a basic knowledge of black history knows, WWII was to spark major changes and population movements in Black America. The MAJORITY of Blacks became an urban people, in contrast to the majority rural volk of previous decades. As becoming urbanized, blacks fell prey to a common pattern that often afflicts 'country' people who are squeezed into the crowded slums, violent streets and indifferent attitudes of cities - there is greater social dysfunction as the old rural community bonds begin to break down. It happened with whites from and in Ireland and Britain. It happened with Chinese in the over-packed slums of numerous Chinatowns. It happened with a host of other people in varying measures. But according to HBD "experts", black people are these unique basket cases as far as such problems go. Only they are permanently affected by such horrible dysfunctions, you see, because' they are black. Never mind the white people who have gone before, and who underwent the same pattern. They are exempt, and covered with a magical mantle of white goodness and virtue.

Another standard mantra among some HDB or "hereditarian" types is of vast job discrimination against the white Irish- where none supposedly "need apply" But careful scholarship has shown that this is a myth. QUOTE:

"Irish Catholics in America have a vibrant memory of humiliating job discrimination, which featured omnipresent signs proclaiming "Help Wanted--No Irish Need Apply!" No one has ever seen one of these NINA signs because they were extremely rare or nonexistent. The market for female household workers occasionally specified religion or nationality. Newspaper ads for women sometimes did include NINA, but Irish women nevertheless dominated the market for domestics because they provided a reliable supply of an essential service. Newspaper ads for men with NINA were exceedingly rare. The slogan was commonplace in upper class London by 1820; in 1862 in London there was a song, "No Irish Need Apply," purportedly by a maid looking for work. The song reached America and was modified to depict a man recently arrived in America who sees a NINA ad and confronts and beats up the culprit. The song was an immediate hit, and is the source of the myth. Evidence from the job market shows no significant discrimination against the Irish--on the contrary, employers eagerly sought them out. Some Americans feared the Irish because of their religion, their use of violence, and their threat to democratic elections. By the Civil War these fears had subsided and there were no efforts to exclude Irish immigrants. The Irish worked in gangs in job sites they could control by force. The NINA slogan told them they had to stick together against the Protestant Enemy, in terms of jobs and politics. The NINA myth justified physical assaults, and persisted because it aided ethnic solidarity. After 1940 the solidarity faded away, yet NINA remained as a powerful memory."
-- Jensen, Richard. (2002) "No Irish Need Apply": A Myth of Victimization. Journal of Social History 36.2 p405-429.

Consider the words of one Irish Archbishop, John Hughes, as to alleged northern European "role models", but also note the circumstances: QUOTE:
"Those who stay are predominantly the scattered debris of the Irish nation." Lost in a land where many didn't want them, violent, without skills, the Irish were in need of rescue. This was Hughes' flock, and he was prepared to be their rescuer. New York's Irish truly formed an underclass; every variety of social pathology flourished luxuriantly among them. Family life had disintegrated. Thomas D'Arcy McGee, an exiled Irish political radical, wrote in The Nation in 1850: "In Ireland every son was a boy and daughter a girl till he or she was married. They were considered subjects to their parents till they became parents themselves. In America boys are men at sixteen...if (the) family tie is snapped, our children become our opponents and sometimes our worst enemies." McGee saw that the lack of stable family relationships was fatally undermining the Irish community. The immigrants crowded into neighborhoods like Sweeney's Shambles in the city's fourth ward and Five Points in the sixth ward (called the "bloody sixth" for its violence), which Charles Dickens toured in the forties and pronounced "loathsome, drooping and decayed." In The New York Irish, Ronald Bayor and Timothy Meagher report that besides rampant alcoholism, addiction to opium and laudanum was epidemic in these neighborhoods in the 1840s and 1850s. Many Irish immigrants communicated in their own profanity-filled street slang called, "flash talk": a multi-day drinking spree was "going on a bender," "cracking a can" was robbing a house. Literate English practically disappeared from ordinary conversation. An estimated 50,000 Irish prostitutes, know in flash talk as "nymphs of the pave," worked the city in 1850 and Five Points alone had as many as 17 brothels. Illegitimacy reached stratospheric heights--and tens of thousands of abandoned Irish kids roamed, or prowled, the city's streets. Violent Irish gangs, with names like the Forty Thieves, the B'boys, the Roach Guards, and Chichesters, brought havoc to their neighborhoods.

The gangs fought one another and the nativists but primarily they robbed houses and small businesses, and trafficked in stolen property. Over half the people arrested in New York in the 1840s and 1850s were Irish, so that police vans were dubbed, "paddy wagons" and episodes of mob violence in the streets were called "donnybrooks," after a town in Ireland. Death was everywhere. In 1854 one out of every 17 people in the sixth ward died. In Sweeney's Shambles the rate was one out of five in a 22 month period. The death rate among Irish families in New York in the 1850s was 21 percent, while among non-Irish it was 3 percent. Life expectancy for New York's Irish averaged under 40 years. Tuberculosis, which Bishop Hughes called the "natural death of the Irish immigrants," was the leading cause of death, along with drink and violence. Inflamed by this spectacle of social ruin, nativist sentiment grew and took a nastier, racist turn, no longer attacking primarily the superstition and priestcraft of the Catholic religion but rather the genetic inferiority of the Irish people. Gifted diarist and former mayor George Templeton Strong, for example, wrote that "the gorilla is superior to the Celtic in muscle and hardly their inferior in a moral sense." In the same vein, Harper's in 1851 describe the "Celtic physiognomy" as "simian-like, with protruding teeth and short upturned noses." Celebrated cartoonist Thomas Nast constantly depicted the Irish as closely related to apes, while Orson and Lorenzo Fowler's New Illustrated Self-Instructor in Phrenology and James Redfield's Outline of a New System of Physiognomy gave such ideas the color of science.

 By 1850 the New York City lunatic asylum on Blackwell's Island (now Roosevelt Island) was filled with Irish, most of them probably hallucinating alcoholics. Doctors of the day had a different view, speculating that insanity grew from degeneracy and violation of the moral law. Compounding the problem, according to Ralph Parsons, superintendent of the asylum, the Irish were people of exceptionally bad habits. They were, he said, of "a low order of intelligence, and very many of them have imperfectly developed brains. When such persons become insane, the prognosis if unfavorable." Hughes' solution for his flock's social ills was to re-spiritualize them. He wanted to bring about an inner, moral transformation in them, which he believed would solve their social problems in the end. He put the ultimate blame on their condition squarely on the historical oppression they had suffered at the hands of the English, which he said has caused them "to pass away from the faith of their ancestors," robbing them of the cultural heritage that should have guided their behavior. But that was in the past: now it was time for them to regain what they had lost. So he bought abandoned Protestant church buildings in Irish wards, formed parish churches, and sent in parish priests on a mission of urban evangelization aimed at giving the immigrants a faith-based system of values."
-- Archbishop John Hughes,

Yet more commentary on reputed "role models"-- again applying the same methods of assorted "biodiversity proponents"..
"The woes of Ireland, or 'justice to Ireland,' is not the chapter we have to write at present. It is a deep matter, an abyssmal one, which no plummet of ours will sound. For the oppression has gone far farther than into the economics of Ireland; inwards to her very heart and soul. The Irish National character is degraded, disordered; till this recover itself, nothing is yet recovered. Immethodic, headlong, violent, mendecious: what can you make of the wretched Irishman? "A finer people never lived," as the Irish lady said to us; "only they have two faults, they do generally lie and steal: barring these"—! A people that knows not to speak the truth, and to act the truth, such people has departed from even the possibility of well-being. Such people works no longer on Nature and Reality; works now on Fantasm, Simulation, Nonentity; the result it arrives at is naturally not a thing but no-thing,—defect even of potatoes. Scarcity, futility, confusion, distraction must be perennial there. Such a people circulates not order but disorder, through every vein of it;—and the cure, if it is to be a cure, must begin at the heart: not in his condition only but in himself must the Patient be all changed.

Crowds of miserable Irish darken all our towns. The wild Milesian features, looking false ingenuity, restlessness, unreason, misery and mockery, salute you on all highways and byways. The English coachman, as he whirls past, lashes the Milesian with his whip, curses him with his tongue; the Milesian is holding out his hat to beg. He is the sorest evil this country has to strive with. In his rags and laughing savagery, he is there to undertake all work that can be done by mere strength of hand and back; for wages that will purchase him potatoes. He needs only salt for condiment; he lodges to his mind in any pighutch or doghutch, roosts in outhouses; and wears a suit of tatters, the getting off and on of which is said to be a difficult operation, transacted only in festivals and the high tides of the calendar. The Saxon man if he cannot work on these terms, finds no work. He too may be ignorant; but he has not sunk from decent manhood to squalid apehood: he cannot continue there. American forests lie untilled across the ocean; the uncivilised Irishman, not by his strength but by the opposite of strength, drives out the Saxon native, takes possession in his room. There abides he, in his squalor and unreason, in his falsity and drunken violence, as the ready-made nucleus of degradation and disorder. Whosoever struggles, swimming with difficulty, may now find an example how the human being can exist not swimming but sunk. Let him sink; he is not the worst of men; not worse than this man. We have quarantines against pestilence; but there is no pestilence like that; and against it what quarantine is possible? It is lamentable to look upon."
-- Thomas Carlyle, Chartism Chapter IV

Scholar Thomas Sowell (1981, 2004, 1983) notes that many problems identified with blacks in modern society are hardly unique in terms of American ethnic groups, nor in terms of a rural proletariat swept by disruption as it became urbanized. Heavy patterns of pathology are for example seen in the white peasant migrants to the dismal urban slums that sprung up during the Industrial Revolution in Britain and elsewhere. He maintains that US blacks only became a largely urban people after WWII, when the booming war economy accelerated a third great migration north, allowing millions of blacks to escape the harsh, oppressive conditions of the South. While southern cities also saw some migration, it was this massive wartime era move north that was much more significant, and the arrival of the rural black proletariat into difficult urban conditions broke down many of the social mores and community-generated controls, such as church influence, that had helped maintain its stability in the past. World War I also saw a spurt of urban migration in response to economic demand, but this urbanization was not completed for most blacks until the WWII era. A recent work by Ira Berlin (2010) entitled "The making of African America: the four great migrations" (Viking: 2010) confirms Sowell's data, showing that full, majority black urbanization was accomplished only after the WW II era, making blacks relatively recent mass entrants into urban economies that white ethnics had long since operated in. The black urban migrants faced massive discrimination but also social dislocation, with corresponding social problems.

Sowell (1981 - Ethnic America- see below) notes that social problems occurring after such migrations are nothing new with other white ethnic groups, who had the advantage of entering, acculturating and adjusting to the urban economy in toto several decades earlier than blacks. The black migrants faced race discrimination above and beyond other ethnic groups, but fundamentally experienced the same social pathologies others did in becoming urbanized. Difficulties with crime, schooling, substance abuse etc. are thus not uniquely "black" problems but are well represented in other urbanizing groups from peasant background. In Ethnic America (1981), for example, Sowell shows that white ethnic groups like the Irish were marked by many of the same patterns as blacks who migrated from rural backgrounds to the big urban centers, including high levels of violence and substance abuse. As regards out-of-wedlock births, the rate in some New York areas with heavy white Irish settlement was over 50%, comparable to what would develop in later black ghettos in the same city.[50]
Sowell sums of some of these claims in his Pink and Brown People and Other Controversial Essays (1981), warning against what he calls the fallacy of presentism:[51]
"Those who cannot swallow pseudo-biology can turn to pseudo-history as the basis for classification. Unique cultural characteristics are now supposed to neatly divide the population. In this more modern version, the ghetto today is a unique social phenomenon.. American ghettos have always had crime, violence, overcrowding, filth, drunkenness, bad school teaching, and worse learning. Nor are blacks historically unique even in the degree of these things. Crime and violence were much worse in the nineteenth-century slums, which were almost all white. The murder rate in Boston in the middle of the nineteenth century was about three times what it was in the middle of the twentieth century. All the black riots of the 1960s put together did not kill half as many people as were killed in one white riot in 1863.. Squalor, dirt, disease? Historically, blacks are neither the first nor last in any of these categories. There were far more immigrants packed into the slums (per room or per square mile) than is the case with blacks today - not to mention the ten thousand to thirty thousand children with no home at all in the nineteenth-century New York...

Even in the area where many people get most emotional- educational and IQ test results- blacks are doing nothing that various European minorities did not do before them. As of about 1920, any number of European ethnic groups had I.Q.'s the same or lower than the I.Q.'s of blacks today. As recently as 1940, there were schools on the Lower East Side of New York with academic performances lower than those of schools in Harlem. Much of the paranoia that we talk ourselves into about race is a result of provincialism about our own time as compared to other periods in history."

Sowell, T, 1981. Ethnic America
Sowell T. 2005, Black Rednecks, White liberals
Sowell T. 1983. The Economics and Politics of Race
Sowell T. 2004. Affirmative Action around the world
Berlin, I. 2010. The making of African America: the four great migrations
Michael Barone. 2006. The New Americans: How the Melting Pot Can Work Again.

Northern European groups also show high rates of violence, criminality, substance abuse and welfare dependency as conservative scholar Thomas Sowell notes. [QUOTE:]

"Such living patterns reflected not only the poverty of the Irish but also their being used to squalid living conditions in mud huts in Ireland... Sewage piled up in backyard privies until the municipal authorities chose to collect it, or else it ran off in open trenches, fouling the air and providing breeding grounds for dangerous diseases. The importance of proper garbage disposal, to keep the neighborhood from being overrun with rats, was one of many similar facts of urban life that every rural group new to the city would have to learn over the years, beginning with the Irish, and continuing through many others until the present day. Cholera, which had been unknown before, swept through Boston in 1849, concentrated almost exclusively in Irish neighborhoods. In New York, cholera was also disproportionately observed in Irish wards. In various cities, both tuberculosis and fire swept regularly through the overcrowded tenements where the Irish lived, and there was a high rate of insanity among the Irish immigrants.. The incidence of tuberculosis in Boston varied closely with the proportion of the Irish living in a neighborhood.

Patterns of alcoholism and fighting brought over from Ireland persisted in the United States. Over half the people arrested in New York in the 1850s were Irish.. Police vans became known as 'Paddy wagons" because the prisoners in them were so often Irish. "The fighting Irish" was a phrase that covered everything from individual brawls to mass melees (known as "Donnybrooks" for a town in Ireland) to criminal gangs.. Irish neighborhoods were tough neighborhoods in cities around the country. The Irish Sixth Ward in New York was known as "the bloody ould Sixth." Another Irish Neighborhood in New York was known as "Hell's Kitchen," and another as 'San Juan Hill" because of the battles fought there. In Milwaukee, the Irish section was called the "Bloody Third".. Where the Irish workers built the Illinois Central Railroad, people spoke of "a murder a mile" as they laid track. The largest riot in American history was by predominantly Irish rioters in New York in 1863..

Even the proportion of the black population who were laborers and house servants in Boston in 1850 was much lower than among the Irish, and the free blacks in mid-century Boston were in general economically better off than the Irish. The Irish-women's work as domestic servants and washerwomen was usually more steadily available than that of Irishmen- a situation later to be repeated among blacks.

As in Ireland itself, the poverty and improvidence of the Irish immigrants to America often reduced them to living on charity when hard times came. In early nineteenth-century Ireland, even before the famine, it was common for whole families of the poor to go 'tramping about it for months, bragging from parish to parish.' Recourse to public charity was a well-established habit carried over to America. Expenditures for relief to the poor in Boston more than doubled from 1845 to 1855, during the heavy influx of the Irish, after such expenditures had been relatively stable for years. In New York City in the same era, about 60 percent of the people in almshouses had been born in Ireland. As late as 1906, there were more Irish than Italian paupers, beggars and inmates of almshouses, even though the Italians arrived a generation later and were generally poorer at the turn of the century. radically different attitudes toward accepting charity existed in Ireland and Italy, and these attitudes apparently had more effect than their respective objective economic conditions in America. There were similar cultural differences in attitudes toward the abandonment of wives and children. In the 1840s, 'it was almost automatically assumed than an orphan was Irish," and as late as 1914, about half the Irish families on Manhattan's west side were fatherless. No such pattern appeared among the Italians.

Although the Irish immigrants (like other immigrants) had a disproportionate representation of young people in the prime of life, the mortality rate shot up after their arrival. Boston's mortality rate in 1850 was double that of the rest of Massachusetts, even though there were relatively fewer aged people in Boston. The difference was due to the extremely high mortality rate in the Irish neighborhoods. Diseases that had become rare in America now flourished again. In 1849, cholera spread through Philadelphia to New York and to Boston- primarily in Irish neighborhoods. There had not been a smallpox epidemic in Boston since 1792, but after 1845, it became a recurring plague, again primarily among the Irish. The spread of the Irish into other neighborhoods, mean, among other things, the spread of these and other diseases. The residential flight of middle-class Americans from the Irish immigrants was by no means all irrationality...

Today's neighborhood changes have been dramatized by such expressions was 'white flight' but these patterns existed long before black-white neighborhood changes were the issue. When the nineteenth-century Irish immigrants flooded into New York and Boston, the native Americans fled. With the first appearance of an Irish family in a neighborhood, 'the exodus of non-Irish residents began. 'White flight' is a misleading term, not only because of its historical narrowness, but also because blacks too have fled when circumstances were reversed. Blacks fled a whole series of neighborhoods in nineteenth-century New York, 'pursued' by new Italian immigrants who moved in. The first blacks in Harlem were fleeing from the tough Irish neighborhoods in mid-Manhattan, and avoided going north of 145th Street for fear of encountering more Irish there." [ENDQUOTE]
--FROM: Sowell, T. (1981). Ethnic America

Another group of northern Europeans- those who settled the rural mountains of the south, show the same negative patterns:
"The “hillbillies” were described as a degenerate population “with the lowest standard of living and moral code (if any). . . and the most savage tactics when drunk, which is most of the time.” National publicity followed, with stories in Time, Look, and Harper’s, the latter under the headline “The Hillbillies Invade Chicago.” That article’s subhead gave away the racial slippage: “The city’s toughest integration problem has nothing to do with Negroes. . . . It involves a small army of white Protestant, Early American migrants from the South— who are usually proud, poor, primitive, and fast with a knife.” The message was clear and intentional: these people are “worse than the colored.”
 "The parallels with blacks go beyond the opinions of others. A 1932 study of white children from small communities in the Blue Ridge Mountains found that these white children not only had IQ scores somewhat lower than the national average of 85 for black children, but also had IQ patterns similar to those of black children— such as doing their worst on abstract questions and having IQs closer to the U.S. national average of 100 in their early years, with a widening gap as they grew older."

--Thomas Sowell. 2015. Wealth, Poverty and Politics_ An International Perspective. p 33

Even welfare stats show the alleged virtue of touted "role models" is somewhat less that advertised. The standard bogeyman is of the lazy, undeserving minority. But  putative white sufferahs have full access to the alleged "giveaways" and have profited by them. Let's take welfare for example. Data shows that in states with high white populations, welfare benefits are more generous compared to areas with high minority populations. Indeed, from 1960 to 1990 for example, states with larger black welfare populations offered significantly LOWER welfare benefits, than in states with larger white populations. In essence, relatively more affluent white welfare recipients saw greater amounts of aid given than blacks proportionately in said states (See Gerald C. Wright. 1977. “Racism and Welfare Policy in America.” Social Science Quarterly 57(3): 718-30; Christopher Howard. 1999. “Field Essay: American Welfare State or States?.” Political Research Quarterly)

9- What side of the Bell Curve historically leads in the murder of children- infanticide? The supposedly more virtuous and moral right side, made up of 'Caucasoids' and Asiatics.
Scholarly works such as Milner 2000 (Milner, Larry S. (2000). Hardness of Heart / Hardness of Life: The Stain of Human Infanticide') and many others give many of the gory details of the activities of these allegedly virtuous "role models." Asian societies like China for example historically carried out massive amounts of sex selective infanticide. In "Caucasoid" India, female infanticide of newborn girls was systematic in many areas, including tossing children into the Ganges River as a sacrificial offering. Among supposedly more moral and virtuous Caucasoid Europeans, killing of children was common. In ancient Sardinia, three thousand bones of young children, with evidence of sacrificial rituals, have been found there. Among supposedly more virtuous Caucasoid stocks in Southwest Asia or the "Middle East", child sacrifices to their goddess Ishtar was routine, and among some Caucasoid tribes of what is now Greece, every 10th child was killed as sacrifice in difficult economic times. In Caucasoid Carthage, child sacrifice according to Milner, "reached its infamous zenith," with infants and young children burned in fire or roasted alive in hot bronze. One archeological excavations yielded 20,000 charred remains of young children (packed in urns). The Bible mentions such sacrifice among the Caucasoid Phoenicians at a site called Topeth. (Brown, Shelby (1991). Late Carthaginian Child Sacrifice and Sacrificial Monuments in their Mediterranean Context.)

In Caucasoid Greece, the exposure of unwanted newborns was not uncommon, especially among the noble Spartans. In Caucasoid Rome, infanticide was common, despite laws on the books. Indeed Philo the Philosopher speaks out against it, noting the casual nature with which it was carried out by the Romans. Offenders were rarely prosecuted under Roman law, and said law allowed killing of Caucasoid newborns if they were visibly deformed. (Naphtali, Lewis, ed (1985). "Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 744". Life in Egypt Under Roman Rule). Indeed Rome was founded by near victims of infanticide- the legendary Romulus and Remus. Among the ancient Caucasoid Germanic tribes, the practice was not unknown, and unwanted children were liquidated in the forests. Archeological data shows the burnt bones of children, disposed of as child sacrifice in ancient Britain. (Boswell, John (1988). The Kindness of Strangers. NY: Vintage Books).

In Caucasoid Europe of the Middle Ages, one scholar (Langer 2000) notes that infanticide "was practiced on gigantic scale with absolute impunity, noticed by writers with most frigid indifference". At the end of the 12th century, notes Richard Trexler, Roman women threw their newborns into the Tiber river in daylight. (Langer, William L. (1974). "Infanticide: a historical survey". History of Childhood Quarterly 1 (3): 353–366. -- Trexler, Richard (1973). "Infanticide in Florence: new sources and first results". History of Childhood quarterly 1: 99.)

In Caucasoid Russia child sacrifice was offered to the pagan god Perun, who was worshipped as the god of lightning and thunder, and in Kamchatka, children were tossed to dogs to be eaten alive. (Russia in the era of NEP: explorations in Soviet society and culture - Page 201. 1991. Sheila Fitzpatrick, Alexander Rabinowitch, Richard Stites)

Again, in Caucasoid Ancient Greece killing children was par for the course. [b]In "the glory that was Greece"[/b]-QUOTE:
"Although the eldest child was normally raised regardless
of its sex, some historians have conjectured that as many as
20 percent of newborn Athenian girls were abandoned in places
like the local garbage dump. Slave dealers collected a few of
the exposed infants and turned them over to wet nurses to be
raised and sold as slaves. Most exposed infants, however, died,
and exposure quickly became infanticide." -p234

"The Spartan lifestyle exacerbated the population decline. Sparta
was the only Greek state in which male infanticide was institutionalized.." p147

-- Sarah B. Pomeroy. 1999. Ancient Greece: a political, social, and cultural history.

By contrast with the supposedly more virtuous and moral Caucasoids and Asiatics above, Africa has the lowest incidence of infanticide. As scholar Milner notes: QUOTE:

"Africa has been reported to have a lower incidence of infanticide than all of the other continents."
--Milner, L.S. (2000). Hardness of Heart / Hardness of Life: the stain of infanticide. University Press. p. 160

Infanticide did occur in Africa but to a much less extent that allegedly more virtuous cold Caucasoid or Asiatic “role models.� Ancient Egypt, which was fundamentally populated by peoples with tropical limb proportions from south of the Sahara, is no exception (Zakrewski 2007, Keita 1992, 2005, 2008, Raxter and Ruff 2008 et al). In Egyptian households, at all social levels, children of both sexes were valued and there is no evidence of infanticide.[14] The religion of the Ancient Egyptians forbade infanticide and during the Greco-Roman period they rescued abandoned babies from manure heaps, a common method of infanticide by Greeks or Romans, and were allowed to either adopt them as foundlings or raise them as slaves, often giving them names such as "copro -" to memorialise their rescue.[15] Strabo considered it a peculiarity of the Egyptians that every child must be reared.[16] Diodorus indicates infanticide was a punishable offence.[17]

 Yet other scholars note very high mortality rates even when abandoned children were taken in my monastery or church- with dismal conditions- quote:
"when infants left at the doors of the hospital 'in a poor and piteous state.. in great danger of being devoured by pigs and other beasts.. [and dying] for want of human milk.' Infants shared rooms with the sick and as many a s a dozen children sometimes slept in one bed. The children usually died within eight to fifteen days." --Abandoned children: foundlings and child welfare in nineteenth-century France. By Rachel Ginnis Fuchs

Nor is this pattern of child abuse confined to medieval Europe. It appears among white populations in urban America. In the 1800s there were tens of thousands of abandoned white children sleeping on open streets in places like New York or Boston (sowell 1981). The same pattern continued down to the present day- with white women leading all others in rates of abortion. Two out of three babies in white Russia for example are aborted by supposedly more caring white "role models." (Loveless and Holman 2006). -

And European fatherhood was hardly the more "caring" or "involved" picture "biodiversity" types would have us believe. In fact they were rather distant from their children: quote-

"Medieval fatherhood however, did not mean participating continuously in the upbringing of a child. Mothers and servants commonly took the lead role in childrearing. .. But father/son companionship bonding is not a prominent theme in literary sources. Fathers may be proud of their sons, but they do not play a major role in their formation. It was a fact of patrilineal reproduction, rather than the relationship with a son, that contributed to medieval manhood."
 -- From boys to men: formations of masculinity in late medieval Europe By Ruth Mazo Karras

^Hardly the picture of sterling European role model fathers "bonding" with their children, or involved in their lives.. In short, when “biodiversity” claims of supposed white virtue are put to the test, said claims reveal whites to be dubious exemplars of moral worth or virtue. In fact, the historical record often indicates the opposite. Note again- this analysis applies the claims of biodiversity" proponents back on themselves. If some are going to argue that they represent some sort of pristine level of humanity while demonizing others,
then they have to be prepared to undergo harsh scrutiny. Even, Steven..

14- "Egypt and the Egyptians", Emily Teeter, p. 97, Cambridge University Press, 1999,
15- "Eroticism and Infanticide at Ashkelon", Lawrence E. Stager, Biblical Archaeology Review, July/Aug 1991
16- "Folkways: A Study of Mores, Manners, Customs and Morals", W Sumner, p. 318, Cosmo 2007,
17- "Life in Ancient Egypt", Adolf Erman, Trans H. M. Tirard, p. 141, pub 1894, repub Kessinger 2003,

10- Which side of the Bell Curve leads in producing child pornography? The supposedly more virtuous cold climate peoples of northern and eastern Europe, with Asiatics not far behind. A 2010 UN study found that 85% of all child pornography is produced in cold climate regions of Europe. This confirms older analyses by US Customs which found the bulk of child pornography originating in Europe, with Germany being one of the prominent leaders. Studies in the 2000s point to an increasing growth trend of more explicit child pornography.
"Amateur pornography produced in Mexico, Philippines and Brazil has been detected but clearly these sources do not predominate... 90% of the commercial child pornography comes from "Eastern Bloc" countries in Europe, and that as a location, Eastern Europe appears to be key to be the organization of the trade."
--Globalization of Crime: A Transnational Organized Crime Threat Assessment . United Nations Office on Drus and Crime, Geneva: 2010

One US study in the 1980s found that [quote] "According to the US Customs Service, "the traditional source countries are; Sweden, Dennmark and the Netherlands. France, Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines are considered new sources." and "85% of all imported child pornography seized by Customs originated in The Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. Acccording to INTERPOL, Germany was the major producer, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom were the major distribution centers, and the United States was the largest market. "
-- Dept of the Treasury, US Customs Service, Child Pornography and Protection Unit, 1984: In The sexual exploitation of children (1999) Seth L. Goldstein. CRC Press

A new more disturbing growth in child pornography fueled by eastern Europeans: - [QUOTE]
"the emergence of more explicit child pornography from Eastern Europe, access to which involves payment, seem to represent a new and disturbing growth in cmmerical exploitation of the market for child pornography."
--Child pornography: an Internet crime. By Maxwell Taylor, Ethel Quayle. Pyshcology Press, 2003

Note: No ethnic group is exempt from evil, but "biodiversity" proponents continually tout cold climate and or northern European peoples, cold climate eastern Europeans, and cold-climate Asiatics as sterling evolutionary role models, superior in virtue to lesser breeds. A close examination of the actual data yields a much less flattering reality.

In sum, HBD, "biodiversity" and "hereditarian" types like to lecture others about the supposedly more virtuous folk on the right hand side of the Bell Curve, but in fact, said allegedly more virtuous peoples are themselves leaders, and extreme practitioners in many of the most degrading examples of human corruption, filth, dissolution, and violence.


Another plank of 'biodiversity' proponents' is that cold-climate peoples lived in 'harsh' environments and this developed higher IQs and superior morality. Alas, an examination of their evidence reveals that the alleged cold-climate environmental "deprivation" of ancient cold-adapted Europeans is dubious. If anything the environment was often favorable, with reliable and predictable food and material resources. Despite this however cold-climate Europeans never pioneered plant or animal domestication even though the species to do this were in place, along with the favorable East-West climatic axis they enjoyed. Indeed, a long tradition of certain scholarship, continuing even today, suggests that some cold-adapted peoples were passive, reaching cultural and even genetic dead-ends.

quote 1- alleged "harsh" ancient European environment is bogus- conditions were actually favorable in many respects:
"About 35,000 years ago, modern human populations apparently entered Western Europe for the first time and found what one pre-historian has described as 'a virtual Garden of Eden.' Southwest France and northern Spain formed a rich environmental mosaic that supported a profusion of animal and plant life. The diversity of animal life is reflected in carvings and cave paintings of the Upper Paleolithic Period, spanning from 35,000 to 10,000 years ago. at various times, mammoth, rhinoceros, bison, wild horses, wild oxen, red deer, reindeer, ibex and many other species abounded... the Upper Paleolithic people of Western Europe probably enjoyed a greater degree of social-complexity than is projected by the simplistic hunter-gatherer model. "They had a rich diversity of resources, and a high degree of stability and predictability of these resources year to year."
-- Lewin, Roger (1988). In the Age of Mankind. Smithsonian. pp. 196-199

Quote 2- Famous Lascaux area of pre-historic France shows a favorable environment, not much different from other hunting areas on other continents, with plenty of climate variability, contradicting claims of alleged "harsh" venues.
"The physical world inhabited by the painters and engravers of Lascaux was unlike anything known today.. Sea levels plummeted more than 300 feet; dry land connected not only North America and Asia but Britain and continental Europe. Southern Europe was cold, dry and covered with rich grasslands. In regions with some topographical re;lief, like southwest France and northern Spain, vegetation was more varied; sheltered and exposed localities created different micro-climates. Paleolithic animal life in this area was abundant, much more like the plains of modern Africa than anything seen in Europe today. Herds of horses, bison, and aurochs roamed the grasslands, along with reindeer and ibex in the hills...
To judge from discoveries of pollen and seed at some sites, and from engravings at others, peoples of Lascaux and their contemporaries ate blueberries, raspberries, acorns, hazelnuts, and other tubers, nuts, berries and grasses.
The last Ice Age was by no means a period of unrelieved cold, millennium after millennium. Temperatures fluctuated, sometimes coming close to today's balmy interglacial climes, and the animal and plant communities fluctuated in concert with them. Warmer climes brought woodland and forest where only open grassland had existed previously. At the same time, the horses and bison- animals of the plains, were replaced with red deer, wild boar and other confines of a forest habitat.. "
-- Lewin, Roger (1988). In the Age of Mankind. Smithsonian. pp. 144

Quote 3- Long before the coming of the Neolithic revolution from the Near East via the Natufians and others, ancient cold-adapted Europeans had more than enough opportunity to pioneer plant and animal domestication. Wild species of the cow, horse, pig and goat were all well known. Wild ancestors of important crops- such as wheat-like spelt variants, and chick peas were also in place. What then took the alleged cold-adapted "pace-setters" so long to advance human civilization?
".. as critics of the climate theory point out, the world has gone through many climate fluctuations in the 100,000 years since modern humans occupied the Old World. Opportunities for cultivation and animal husbandry surely existed earlier than the Neolithic. Yet no evidence has emerged that any plant or animal domestication occurred before this time. More specifically, no potential climatic trigger can be identified in many of those cases in which development of domestication can be documented sufficiently to reveal information about local climatic conditions."
-- Lewin, Roger (1988). In the Age of Mankind. Smithsonian. pp. 193

Quote 4- Even colder northern climes show a rich resource base and substantial material life. Such resources, particularly the water-based ones of the ocean, river and lake, were relatively stable and predictable, providing plenty of food - hardly the picture of alleged cold-climate peoples "deprivation" in "unforgiving" glacial environments, as alleged by JP Rushton, Michael Levin, Satoshi Kanazawa et al.. Nor did the supposed "evolutionary" evidence of high IQ shine forth. A long tradition of scholarship so the cold climate types of northern Europe or cold eastern Europe as dead-enders.

"Similarities appear in societies in which there are rich maritime or lakeside resources from the far north to the Mediterranean. In the far northern latitudes, where for four months of the year the sun does not set, the icy cold but resource-rich northern sea was the focus of settlements with pit houses, with people using elaborate seagoing vessels in their specialised focus on marine foods, probably associated with seal hunting (Bjerck 1995, Bjerck, this volume). Further south, other structured settlements echo the theme of marine or lakeside focus. At Tagerup in Sweden, large houses were constructed in a 'village; at the confluence of two rivers with permanent structures such as jetties and moorings for boats.. coastal and lakeside regions also provide evocative glimpses of societies for whom the sea and water played an important economic and symbolic role. We see richly symbolic pendants of amber and animal teeth, wooden artefacts such as bows, decorated paddles, canoes, and leisters in evidence from submerged sites in the Baltic.. Riverine resources also appear to have been particularly influential in the development of settlements such as Lepenski Vir and Vlasac in the Iron Gates... we see an apparently 'sacred' site at Lepenski Vir, comprising homes with plaster floors, carved figurines, and neonates interred under the floors." [pg 8]
"The Iron gates contain some of the largest concentration of Mesolithic burials in Europe. Burials have been recorded from at least eleven sites, and four of these, Lepenski Vir, Padina, Schela Cladovei and Vlasac each contained very large numbers of graves." [pg 241]
"Even Grahame Clark, excavator of Star Carr and pioneer and champion of Mesolithic studies in Britain, was forced to concede with evident reluctance in 1952 that the archaeological evidence for the coastal Mesolithic peoples of Northwest Europe hardly contradicted the notion of 'a low level of culture' (Clark 1952:63).. Extrapolating the origins of social complexity to certain contexts in Mesolithic Europe marked a powerful departure from ideas of small, marginalised groups apparently 'going nowhere'.. 'Complexity' was built on dense, productive, coastal resources that were available all year." [pg 4]
"Young (2000b:1) concluded that the discipline was still 'waiting for the great leap forwards'. A long-standing story of Mesolithic hunter-gatherers so immersed in their environments and nature, both ecologically and ideologically as to be almost socially inert seems to retain a strong hold on our imaginations." [pg 5]
-- G. N. Bailey (2008) Mesolithic Europe. Cambridge University Press. pp 8, 241, 4, 5

Cold climate evolution put to the test- the Neanderthals whose DNA shows up in today's Europeans

Neanderthals occurred primarily in Europe and show distinct cold-adapted body proportions. Some of their DNA markers appear in modern Europeans according to a recent 2010 study (Richard E. Green et al (2010). "A Draft Sequence of the Neanderthal Genome". Science 328 (5979): 710–722. ) Neanderthals, with clear markers to today's Europeans, are thus a test case for alleged cold climate superiority. But in fact, these early cold-climate Europeans are a genetic dead end, with static technology, and brains that while as big as that of modern humans from Africa, lack essential processing capabilities.

Furthermore the Neanderthals failed to make the leap to more advanced technology beyond the stone age Mousterian package, and failed to innovate plant and animal domestication despite having numerous ancestors of sheep, goats, cows, pigs and horses available to them, as well as wild grain variants that could be used. As noted above, Europe in a colder earlier time possessed environments with a number of rich resources, and variable microclimates. The Neanderthals prospered there. So why couldn't this cold climate European race, which has DNA links appearing in modern Europeans, show the alleged IQ superiority touted for its homeland, either via brain makeup or technological/cultural achievement?

Quote 5: Neanderthal brains, which should have been superior due to alleged "activation" by the "challenges" of cold climate life, lag behind. They ended up a static dead-end, with genes reflected in modern Europeans but nevertheless failed to make crucial advances.

"Neanderthals had brain sizes comparable to modern humans, but their brain cases were elongated and not globular as in Homo sapiens[1,2]. It has, therefore, been suggested that modern humans and Neanderthals reached large brain sizes along different evolutionary pathways [2]. Here, we assess when during development these adult differences emerge. This is critical for understanding whether differences in the pattern of brain development might underlie potential cognitive differences between these two closely related groups. Previous comparisons of Neanderthal and modern human cranial development have shown that many morphological characteristics separating these two groups are already established at the time of birth [3,4,5], and that the subsequent developmental patterns of the face are similar, though not identical [6]. Here, we show that a globularization phase seen in the neurocranial development of modern humans after birth is absent from Neanderthals. "

-- Gunz et al (2010) . Brain development after birth differs between Neanderthals and modern human. Current Biology: 20, 21.

Other Notes

-- Tattersall I, Schwartz JH (June 1999). "Hominids and hybrids: the place of Neanderthals in human evolution". Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 96 (13): 7117–9.

r/k Selection theory- more virtuous, high IQ cold climate people (the "K" selected), became so due to alleged "novel challenges" of cold environments, or due to mental adjustments due to "novel, unpredictable" environments. Sounds fascinating, but if r/k selection theory is right in its prediction of behavioral changes caused by "more novel" or "unpredictable" challenges, then it also points to increasing moral corruption and filth by the "k-selected".

In terms of human history and culture child pornography and molestation are certainly outside the norm. They occur in every culture but they are not the norm. However, if r/k Selection Theory is applied, the alleged virtue of whites and Asiatics is called into question. Both groups lead the world in the consumption and production of child pornography or child molestation. Likewise, few tropical nations embrace the marriage of homosexuals on a par with heterosexual relations. Such a par is certainly "novel" in human history. However, here again, r/k Selection Theory may point to a pattern of deviancy being now embraced as normal- it is the white Western nations for the most part that embrace homosexual marriage. Mass killing of children for convenience is also relatively novel in human history. Here again, white women lead all others proportionately (as detailed above), with Asiatics weighing in on the "volume" factor. Examples could go on and on. Proponents of a racial r/k Selection Theory typically spin it to show "approved" groups in a virtuous light, but in fact their same theory predicts continual increases in white "k-selected" moral corruption and filth surpassing anything known in supposedly more "predictable" warm-climate environments.


Some current data on white America - losing vround?


White Families Are in Trouble, Too
With More Absent Fathers and Poverty, It's Time for a New Moynihan Report
Nicholas Eberstadt | Dallas News
August 21, 2005

Forty years after the Moynihan report, the tragic saga of the modern black family is common knowledge. But the tale of family breakdown in modern America is no longer a story delimited to a single ethnic minority. Today the family is also in crisis for this country's ethnic majority: the so-called white American population.

The crisis in the white family has attracted curiously little attention from commentators and policymakers. Yet by many of the criteria of the Moynihan report, today's white American family looks to be at least as troubled as the black family of the early 1960s.

Consider trends in out-of-wedlock births. By 2002, 28.5 percent of babies of white mothers were born outside marriage in this country. Over the past generation, the white illegitimacy rate has exploded, quadrupling since 1975, when the level was 7.1 percent. The overall illegitimacy rate for whites is higher than it was for black mothers (23.6 percent) when the Moynihan report sounded its alarm.

Moreover, with 75 percent-plus of their babies born outside marriage, white teens now have much higher illegitimacy rates than the black American teens of the early and mid-1960s. Indeed, in 2002, a white mother younger than 30 was more likely to have an illegitimate child than a black mother was in 1970.

White illegitimacy rates look somewhat lower if the non-Hispanic white population is examined apart from Hispanic Americans. Even so, in 2002, the illegitimacy rate for "white Anglos"--as Euro-Americans are sometimes called--was 23 percent--virtually identical to levels 40 years earlier for black mothers.

Today no state in the Union has an Anglo illegitimacy ratio as low as 10 percent. Even in predominantly Mormon Utah, every eighth non-Hispanic white infant is born out of wedlock.

What about family instability and fatherlessness? As of 2001, according to a U.S. Census Bureau study released earlier this month, every fifth white child under 18 was living in a single-parent home. Roughly a third of America's white children, furthermore, were living in a home without both biological parents--and 2 percent to 3 percent of white children lived with neither biological parent. Here again, white American trends have reached Moynihan report levels.

The "tangle of pathology" described in the Moynihan report is also increasingly apparent in white America. Welfare dependence, for example, is far more prevalent among white families than is commonly appreciated. Notwithstanding the 1996 Welfare Reform Act, as of 2002, roughly 29 percent of white children and nearly 24 percent of Anglo children lived in families accepting at least one form of means-tested public assistance. In other words, welfare program participation rates among white children today are close to twice as high as they were among black children at the time of the Moynihan report.

And despite a decade of dropping crime statistics, criminality is leaving a growing mark on white youth. As of 2004, 1.6 percent of all Anglo men in their 20s and 30s were behind bars--roughly twice the rate as recently as 1980.

Prescient as it was, in retrospect we can see that the Moynihan report was off the mark in one key respect. It suggested that family breakdown was a distinctive problem for African-Americans due to their unique and painful legacy of slavery and racial discrimination. The scars of American racism, however, can hardly explain the disintegration of white families in America over the past four decades--much less the growing instability of families in affluent democracies on other continents.

At this writing, for example, the illegitimacy ratio has topped 40 percent in both France and Britain, and more than 20 percent of Germany's families with children are headed by single parents. And across the Pacific, "Asian values" no longer confer blanket inoculation against family decay: In 2003, South Korea recorded 56 divorces for every 100 marriages.

Clearly, the crisis of the family is not just a "black thing.
-----END EXCERPT------------



As noted above, this article is not intended to bash any particular group. All human groups suffer from dark deeds and evil works. This page repudiates racism in all forms, and racist supremacists in whatever form or color. However there is a well financed academic industry, and a widespread parallel population on the Internet that continues to propagate the dubious one-sided picture of virtuous and moral 'Eurasians,' versus lesser breeds. This article seeks to redress the balance. The above examples are only the tip of a grim iceberg for those with allegedly more virtuous, cold climate behavior, or culture. It is also a typical pattern that those who continually tout the gospel of virtuous whites or East Asians against supposedly less virtuous "darker breeds" invite hard scrutiny of their claims on the merits (not simply via political or rhetorical responses). Such scrutiny in a large number of cases, if not most cases, using the same empirical data of the white or Asian anointed, reveals not only a much less flattering reality but the embrace of and "leadership" of the allegedly more 'virtuous' in extremes of human filth, violence and folly.
It is a warning that all human groups have sinned, and the ugly facts confer little credit to the self-anointed.

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Evolution, brain size, and the national IQ of peoples ... - Jelte Wicherts 2010

Why national IQs do not support evolutionary theories of intelligence - WIcherts, Borsboom and Dolan 2010
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